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Beautiful weather for your event – where else but in Offenbach, where people make the weather! Of course you cannot order nice weather from the German weather service. However, this is not decisive for a successful event because we have the perfect offer for every kind of weather and for every season! Causing happiness, enthusiasm, and euphoria, encouraging fantasy and originality, and giving cheers and respect are our guarantees for success, among other things.

We integrate in our concepts both, original and innovative event modules, as well as traditional and down-to-earth best sellers. This successful combination of future and well-tried things offers large individuality. It creates a uniqueness that is going to lastingly inspire your event participants and additionally, it is clearly noticeable that this combination is going to strengthen your sense of unity.

The adventure and training concepts are developed in a way that everyone is able to participate and many activities can be implemented both, outdoor, as well as indoor or even in a combination. Furthermore, those events can also be planned for big events that count a large number of people.

Which positive adventures can we direct for you and your team?

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Team Challenge
The team challenge is without a doubt one of the classics among the team events. Rightly so – the team challenge offers you and your colleagues flexibility at its best, a lot of variety...
From 39,- €p.p.
Tabcrime Academy
The digital thriller event in Berlin for future detectives Complete an exciting and unforgettable thriller training with your colleagues in the middle of Berlin. Can you pass the tes...
From 69,- €p.p.
Quiz Show
“Does anybody know this? Nobody? Really?” Everybody is whispering, thinking, discussing the answer and – boom ! – one participant hits the buzzer. “Team Sherlock wants to solve the ques...
From 39,- €p.p.
gluehwein team event
Teamgeist Glühwein Adventure Tour
Enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with a Glühwein outside in the fresh and cold winter air. Experience a truly unique team day packed with adventure, fun and healthy exercise. This active ...
From 59,- €p.p.
Iglu Bau mit teamgeist
Igloo Building
Hand in hand – that is the only way to success for you and your colleagues at your company. What is already a daily routine at your workplace, becomes something very special during the ...
From 52,- €p.p.
skulpture aus eis
Ice Sculpting
Huge ice blocks and sculptor tools are waiting for you. Capture magical moments in ice and together with your team design your very own ice sculpture. Under direct supervision and instr...
From 69,- €p.p.
Winter Cutter Sailing
Experience a truly unique adventure: Enjoy a sailing cruise on the Wolziger See during the romantic wintery season of the year. Dressed in weatherproof sailing gear and wrapped in warm ...
From 49,- €p.p.
New Year’s Event
Everyone knows the following scenario: Christmas is around the corner, the calendar is already packed with appointments and meetings, and vacations have to be planned. Not a good time t...
From 29,- €p.p.
Christmas Hotel and Office Golf
Team spirit, skill and a good feel for the ball are required. During our Christmas golf tournament, we integrate our mobile golf course into the various areas of the hotel. The result i...
From 39,- €p.p.
Patrick Havenstein

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Patrick Havenstein

Here in Offenbach, where the river Main has its beautiful curvy shape, your weatherproof and hurricane-resilient strategy for the next years can be stunningly and sculpturally created with the help of our Future Design Event, made of KAPLA® bricks. Alternatively, the participants can shoot a short clip or an advertisement for your event theme with iPads, at exposed locations of the city or more classic, they can build a spectacular soapbox and then, test the stability and speed at the following grand prix.

We say „Welcome!“ and we are looking forward to meeting you and your colleagues!

Now, you only need nothing but the right event concept. Continue to find inspiration in our guidance and ideas. What motto does your event have? What kind of target do you pursue with your event? Values, such as team spirit, creativity, appreciation, reliability, and fun are the driving forces of our iPad Team Rally (the Digital Scavenger Hunt), the Team Network, the Theme Rally, iPad Short Film / Commercial Festival, and the Team Challenge. But also knowledge, ingenuity, excitement, and cooperation can be ranked first in, for instance, our Domino Lego, Sculpture Construction, Team NetworkHotel and Conference GolfSoapbox Grand PrixTeam Art, Tab Action Quiz, and Chain Reaction (Impulskette). Send us a request and we gladly plan your individual event which will be perfectly tailored to your company, your target group, and your event location.


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