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Christmas party

Sebastian Heinrich
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The winter season is ideal to organize a Christmas party within a company. In the past, it was common to arrange a Christmas party, where employees and colleagues would simply go to a restaurant, eat, drink, converse and have a nice evening there.

Nowadays, there are so many alternatives that promise more action, excitement and fun than a simple restaurant visit. How about trying out a winter challenge together or go glühwein sailing for a change? Or how about a glühwein adventure tour, a game of curling or a fun Christmas market rally? Relaxing and enjoying delicious wintry treats inside a cozy place after the event, is of course still taken care off.

  • 30 years of experience in running Christmas parties
  • Special expertise for large groups
  • Location tips from our experts
  • Indoor and outdoor event formats

Christmas Party in Germany and worldwide in more than 250 cities

22 Results
Indoor tabtour – the digital scavenger hunt
The tabtour as indoor version for your hotel or workplace! Exciting, tricky and creative tasks are waiting for the participants. The tablet pc is the central element that turns the even...
From 59,- €p.p.
Hotel and Conference Golf Tournament
The distance to the hole is evaluated with absolute concentration. The player skilfully holds his putter in his hand. One last look, one deep breath and he swings the putter. Past the f...
From 39,- €p.p.
Trommel spielnde Musiker
Teamgeist Team Drumming
Within a couple of minutes, even the musically challenged will get a good sense for rhythm and timing. The collectively created rhythms and beats do not only provide for energy and moti...
From 59,- €p.p.
tabtour game ipad rallye warnemünde team tablet
tabtour game – the small scavenger hunt
The tabgame – the little brother of our “tabtour” - is the ideal team event of your choice, if you want to experience the perfect combination of geocaching, quiz duel and scavenger hunt...
From 49,- €p.p.
Das Team Kicker Turnier mit teamgeist
Foosball / Kicker Tournament
Table kicker or “foosball” is an absolute classic and provides for a relaxed atmosphere with the turn of a wrist – literally! During the teamgeist foosball tournament including game pla...
Price on request
Nachtbogenschießen mit teamgeist
Night Archery
Experience an exciting single or team competition under the open night skies and stars. Fun is guaranteed! After an extensive briefing through our experienced team guides, your team can...
From 45,- €p.p.
Teamgeist Team Art
Art is as unique and different as every single employee of your company. During our creative team art event, all you need is imagination, creativity and the ideas of every participant, ...
From 39,- €p.p.
weihnachts city rallye
Christmas Market Rally
Tis the season to...explore a city of your choice! Discover the hidden corners and secret treasures of the city in a truly unique way. Equipped with roadbook, GPS devices and city map, ...
From 49,- €p.p.
Winter Challenge Outdoor
Experience an exciting an eventful team competition. Demonstrate creativity, skill and team spirit in order to successfully complete our winter games – team skiing, Christmas tree build...
From 39,- €p.p.
Sebastian Heinrich

Your contact:
Sebastian Heinrich

A Christmas party with teamgeist

A Christmas party for the company can be a beautiful occasion to conclude the bygone business year and celebrate with the entire staff. Ahead of the holidays, everybody can get together in a relaxed atmosphere and reflect upon the year. This gives the team the opportunity to forge new bonds and enjoy each other’s company away from daily work stress. That is why it is very important that you turn your Christmas party into an unforgettable experience for your team with fresh ideas and professional assistance. Your employees will already be excited upon opening the invitation, knowing that this celebration is going to be very special. And that is exactly where we at teamgeist come into play and help you out. We will organise your celebration and present your entire company with a wonderful start into the Christmas season.

What makes Christmas parties with teamgeist so unique?

Sitting inside a restaurant in small groups during a traditional Christmas feast, enjoying small-talk and a couple of drinks – That sounds pretty nice…but nice is not what you should aim for. And that is where teamgeist comes into play. Together, we will transform your cosy little session into a fun Christmas party with individual touch and delightful atmosphere and entertainment. What makes our offers so special and extraordinary, is the way we plan and organise the events for you. Teamgeist organises events individually, according to your needs, ideas and desires, while emphasising on that certain something in order to leave your colleagues with wonderful memories and long-lasting team spirit. At teamgeist there are no boring, repetitive standard events. We will send you and your team on a journey towards new experiences and directions. A successful evening that presents your team with something new and exciting lets everyone enjoy the moment and create new memories. Let us help you in organising your Christmas party and give your company a time filled with excitement, fun and action. Individual ideas for the Christmas celebration of your company transform a mandatory business event into a familiar and comfortable ambiance, where everybody can wind down. The only thing you have to do is choosing the ideal event for your Christmas party from our seemingly endless pool of options.

The right idea for your Christmas party

While teamgeist does have a wide selection of events, deciding what kind of activity best suits you and your company is something we cannot take off your hands. We are, however, certain that you can find tons of fun and exciting ideas that will turn your Christmas party into an unforgettable experience. The various options are very enticing and intriguing, satisfying all needs, desires and interests. Trying out something completely new as a team lifts spirits and provides your staff with the much needed fun distraction from day-to-day work. Action and thrill are in demand, if you want to outdo old-fashioned Christmas celebrations. That is why such events are moved outside more frequently and organised as outdoor Christmas parties.

For example, you can jump into action with an archery event in the outdoors. Or for an extra portion thrills we also offer night archery during charming lighting. Your employees will be extra motivated through small team tasks that have to be solved with bow and arrow. Other various games that take places in the open air are also very popular. You could, for example, spend your Christmas party with a little Irish road bowling, Bavarian curling or a Kubb tournament – an old, traditional Scandinavian party game also known as “Viking chess”. If that is still not special and individual enough for you, you should compete in our Xmas challenge or take part in an adventure tour through the forest. Your colleagues have also probably never spent a Christmas party with a glühwein sailing or raft building event. A little more calm and peaceful, on the other hand, is the mandatory visit of the Christmas market. However, that does not necessarily mean that we cannot add a very unique and thrilling touch to your visit with our exciting Christmas market rally. Traditional events can be very spectacular, if you spice things up a little and add a couple of details. With a little help, an ordinary dinner can easily be turned into a breathtaking setting during a wonderful winter evening by the lake. And we even have the perfect idea for large companies: the exciting and dynamic high-tech scavenger hunt the “tabtour” for up to 1.000 participants, for which we were awarded with the German Tourism Prize in 2012. During the fierce contest, tricky riddles have to be solved and thrilling challenges have to be completed through strategic teamwork and perfect coordination.

A successful Christmas party for your colleagues obviously does not have to take place outdoors. You can also spend your day inside with extraordinary ideas such as hotel and conference golf, the domino rally or the Christmas bakery event.

As you can see, there are a lot of fun, creative and exclusive activities that you can try out during the Christmas season.

Where can a Christmas party take place?

In general, the event location per se is not at the center of our corporate retreats, because the adventure as a team and the features of the individual experiences are most important for us. Teamgeist offers activities in almost all regions of Germany, from the Baltic Sea via the Ruhr area all the way to the foothills of the Alps; we provide for the perfect equipment for any location and any indoor and outdoor events. We are mobile and flexible, at your service in the entire country. So take a look at our event selection and discover the perfect idea for the Christmas party with your company.

We organise events and celebrations in Cologne, Stuttgart, Munich and other cities in Germany. No matter, where you want your festivities to take place, the Christmas party with teamgeist will be THE topic of discussion at your workplace for weeks to come. We can of course also plan your celebration in the nation’s capital and make your Christmas party just as diverse and entertaining as Berlin itself. And many other cities such as Hamburg, Dresden and Hannover can serve as the perfect location for an unforgettable Christmas celebration with teamgeist. You might end up at the Hamburg harbour during one of our glühwein sailing trips or find yourself at the famous Dresden Christmas market. One thing is for sure: Even Christmas grouches and skeptics will have an unforgettable experience during your individual Christmas party.

See for yourself and present your staff with a truly unique Christmas party. In the course of the event, your team will get to know each other better, forge new bonds and develop a new sense of solidarity. Newfound team spirit and motivation will have profound effects on the atmosphere and productivity at the workplace. Who knew that celebrating can be so beneficial for business.


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