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Global Remote tabtour

Go on a joint journey through the different continents with us during a virtual company outing. Solve country-specific tasks, go on a voyage of discovery through the different cultures, their customs and peculiarities. You can also put together your own individual countries if, for example, you are a globally active company. A mix of puzzles and challenging team interactions lets your participants get their money's worth. Fun, variety and puzzling pleasure are preprogrammed. 

Team spirit, fun, motivation and sustainability

The teamgeist Global Remote tabtour® is a multi-level online teambuilding experience designed specifically for remote employees worldwide. Participants are connected via our intuitive app or web-based and communicate through it as well as through an online platform of your choice.

The Global Remote tabtour® uses sophisticated experience concepts to connect fascinating activities and tasks in and around the home office of your participants around the world. Of course, your workshop topics can be perfectly integrated into the different stories. Thus, in addition to the exciting and entertaining challenges, your content will be emotionalized and sustainably anchored in the minds of your employees.

Reach a new level of virtual collaboration!

The remote teams play together across national borders and continents for joint team success. Team members communicate with each other via video conferencing tools and the Global Remote tabtour®application or web-based.

Thinking globally and acting regionally makes it possible for your participants all over the world to experience the most diverse challenges together as a team. Depending on the experience concept and story, the teams have to pay attention to special operator online messages, successfully complete several levels and evaluate the information collected in the game.

Experience new team experiences in the working world 4.0!

During the active game time, the small teams virtually complete sophisticated team, quiz, video and photo tasks around the world. Tasks can be customized to fit your themes, depending on your preferences. You can have short, fun activities or include task designs that achieve deeper learning outcomes.

The added pressure of limited time and resources make for a very exciting team and learning experience. Along the way, yet intensively, the "we-feeling" is fostered. Our professional trainers and facilitators at our remote teambuildings will be online for you to guide the activities and conduct a spectacular award ceremony and/or structured debriefing at the end with all participants. If desired, a professional reflection will also make valuable insights visible for your team together. 

Possible procedure BEFORE the remote event

✓ Team allocation at random via a teamgeist draw or at customer request
✓ Communication of the team composition to the participants & contact transfer
✓ Possible small homework assignments to the participants to loosen them up
✓ Getting the teams settled in the virtual breakout rooms 
✓ Finding a team name & assigning roles in the team 
✓ Communication of the tabtour® software incl. download instructions 
✓ Communicating the necessary technology, remote rules & the agenda incl. written technology briefing

Possible course of the remote event itself

✓ Welcome & introduction of the moderator & the operator team as well as the procedure.
✓ Repeating short introduction to the technique
✓ Formulation of the objective & the task definition
✓ Team finding in virtual breakout rooms
✓ Start of the Global Remote tabtour®
✓ Completion of tasks (photo, video, text, multiple choice)
✓ Teams get together in the remote office via video conference and chat
✓ Get-together with cool drinks for everyone in the remote office
✓ Impressions of the Global Remote tabtour®
✓ Show-down with emotional award ceremony
✓ Summary and farewell

Possible procedure AFTER the remote event

✓ Provision of the videos & photos
✓ Provision of the company-specific results
✓ Dispatch of winner's gifts or give-aways, if desired.

We determine the duration of the entire process and the event itself together with you. We can respond to your individual wishes in (almost) all points.

Event details:

ab 1 Hour(s)
Sebastian Heinrich
From 39,-€p.p.
excl. 19% VAT.
 15-2500 Persons
 ab 1 Hour(s)

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Our services at a glance

  • Individual consulting and creation of your Global Remote tabtour concept
  • Organization of the remote event
  • Moderation of the Global Remote tabtour by experienced moderators
  • Support by professional guides
  • Provision of the software
  • Prices: may vary depending on the scope of services, dates and number of participants.
  • Optional services:  
    • Winner prize
    • Snapshots of the day
    • Certificates for each participant
    • Integration of company-specific content
    • Sending of iPads to participants
  • Possible additional costs:  
    • Individual customer requirements
    • Postage
  • Languages:
    • German
    • English

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