Corporate Retreat

When planning a company event, making a decision and choosing a certain team event can be quite difficult. The reason: there is an enormous selection of activities. Canoe or bicycle tours in the great outdoors are perfect for sports fanatics. A team that wants more variety and adventure can escape from the stressful day-to-day work with an exciting tabtour or city rally. A corporate retreat strengthens the overall team spirit in an extraordinary way, because colleagues get to know each other in a whole new way and different situation. Co-workers can mobilize hidden reserves and motivate each other.

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Extraordinary ideas for your corporate retreat in 2020

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Are you still looking for ideas for your corporate retreat?

In any company the staff is your most important asset. A good atmosphere and a healthy working climate are essential requirements in order to guarantee smooth business procedures. Only if the atmosphere within the team is just right and employees are not only colleagues but also friends, can you achieve a level of productivity that exceeds everything else – and fun at work is guaranteed.

Work psychologists therefore recommend: add a little variety to your everyday work life and reward your staff for their performance on a regular basis – for example with a corporate event outside the working environment. If you are still looking for good ideas for your successful corporate retreat, look no further: teamgeist is the ideal partner. Our impressive portfolio of events and team activities provides you with brilliant inspirations that make your upcoming retreat with your employees a tremendous success. Plan a kick-off event for the start of a new project or reward your staff for the successful business year with the unique and excellent corporate retreat ideas by teamgeist, the market leader when it comes to team building.

A corporate retreat with teamgeist

Organising a corporate retreat for your company is always a great idea to loosen up the work atmosphere and motivate the staff. During fun and action-packed activities, the whole group moves closer together and develops a stronger sense of unity and solidarity, which will have a positive and long-term effect on the entire working environment.

Corporate retreats are ideal opportunities to integrate new colleagues into an existing team, because all participants form new and stronger bonds through exciting activities and absolutely enjoyable events. Faithful to the traditional motto “business before pleasure”, a corporate event with teamgeist to round off the completion of an important project or a stressful phase in your company can be very valuable. It motivates your colleagues for upcoming work and rewards them for hard work and achieved goals. A corporate retreat with teamgeist is perfect for any occasion.

Why book a corporate retreat with teamgeist?

We have more than 20 years of experience to offer and with more than 30 employees, we are masters in planning, organizing and executing spectacular and exclusive corporate retreats.

With our extensive selection of team events and fun activities, we have already satisfied countless clients and strengthened the team spirit in a lot of companies. A corporate retreat with teamgeist promises unique and eventful moments within the group. Our individually planned and customized corporate events will be a true highlight for your personnel, while strengthening community spirit and thus increasing efficiency at the workplace. We go the extra mile for you and provide you with a perfectly organized retreat, an unforgettable experience for everyone, which forges new bonds and leaves you with wonderful memories. At teamgeist there are no boring standard events.

Give your company a day full of excitement, a day, which turns colleagues into friends. The only thing you have to do: select one of the various offered opportunities for an exclusive team retreat and send your non-binding request to teamgeist!

What kind of retreat

There is something for absolutely everyone in our extensive selection of more than 50 ideas for the perfect corporate retreat. Whether comfortable indoor, adventurous outdoor, icy winter or hot summer event – we have the ideal activities for any desire, team and budget. Dynamic competitions against one another or thrilling team challenges, our diverse products range from an exciting high-tech scavenger hunt – the “tabtour”, for which we were awarded with the German Tourism Prize in 2012 – or sporty events such as archery, bicycle and canoe tours, all the way to the wintry Christmas party with glühwein and baked goods.

It really does not matter, whether your team is athletic or comfortable, young or old, mostly male or female, adventurous or calm – you can find the perfect retreat for guaranteed satisfaction among all participants right here with teamgeist.

Where can a corporate retreat take place?

In general, the event location per se is not at the centre of our corporate retreats, because the adventure as a team and the features of the individual experiences are most important for us. Teamgeist offers activities in almost all regions of Germany, from the Baltic Sea via the Ruhr area all the way to the foothills of the Alps; we provide for the perfect equipment for any location and are thus mobile and flexible, at your service in the entire country.

Specific corporate retreats are offered in many German cities such as in Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Munich, Leipzig and Hannover. Corporate retreats in Berlin, however, do not have to take place inside the city. Our selection of events includes exciting water sports such as canoeing, sailing, raft building or the last ultimate adventure, the wild tabtrophy, a dynamic all-day challenge with power boats and the latest technology, which offers an unforgettable highspeed experience.

Our selection makes it possible for anyone to have a special experience, whether CEO, manager or employee, whether in northern Germany or in Bavaria. The best way to find out, if our corporate retreat ideas will also be an amazing experience for your team, is simple: trust our expertise and send us your request. We will organize a top class event for you, which will fascinate your team and strengthen the team spirit within your company. Benefit from relaxed atmosphere and newfound solidarity!

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