Remote TeamParcours

Remote TeamParcours

Remote TeamParcours

The virtual TeamParcours takes place within the framework of a video call (without app) moderated by us. All participants will simply receive an event email from us with an invitation link for an online platform (and a list of working materials if applicable). During the event you are working in a team of maximum 8-10 people per moderation room, which is supervised by a separate guide. Now it becomes interactive: our guides present different challenges and the teams need to solve the challenges. This requires intensive cooperation, creativity and communication. For example, the teams find their way through a labyrinth together, separate relevant from unimportant information during "TeamMIND", build an impulse reaction, open a "mysteryBOX" together, try to put up the very highest "TeamTOWERBUILDING", become professionals during "TeamACTIVITY" or paint a picture together across the screen. This is pure teambuilding, without physical presence! We would be happy to offer a detailed reflection afterwards.

The following modules are available for selection:


Everyone does what they do best! Present, explain or draw.

The teams collect points as many as they can. Fun is the foreground, but in a short time the colleagues have to guess tricky words that are explained from another team member. Attentive listening, observing, as well as vigorously advising will definitely lead to success. Goal: Each participant has the opportunity to decide for himself where his strengths lie and how he wants to get involved. An exuberant atmosphere and lots of laughter create a really great emotional setting.


All are important, because everyone has to contribute the right thing at the right time!

Our game master takes all participants into a fantasy world and opens with the words: "In the legendary city of Phantasia, a massive rectangular obelisk called Zin was built in honour of the goddess Tina. But on which day of the week was the Zin obelisk completed?" To find the solution, our game master distributes information cards equally among all team members. And there you go - the clock is ticking! In order to find a solution, it is essential to exchange information in the group because the cards may only be read out, but not shown to the others in the group. It is important to separate relevant from unimportant information. The winner is the one who answers the question the fastest!


How do I most easily enchant myself!

3-2-1 Camera off! Like now real? YES! But the much more important question is: What has changed in or around the other colleagues? From this point on, it is advisable to take a close look and above all, to properly train the ATTENTION of each team member. For every correctly guessed change in the image of the colleagues there are of course important points to score.


Every tower in the world, no matter how high, has been built at least twice; once in the architects' minds and once in reality.

Now your teams are challenged. Within 20 minutes they must not only build the largest possible tower, but also convince the jury of the statics, quality and creativity. Basic condition: all team members must have fulfilled a role that is recognisable to the outsider. This is where teams are successful if they use their group-internal resources effectively and efficiently and act with targeted communication and a steady hand. The jury is composed of one team member from each of the different teams and the game master.


Make important decisions as a team and decipher a mysterious BOX as quickly as possible!

Each team has access to one or more digital boxes (via a URL) in their respective chat room with the goal of decoding and opening them with the help of additional "evidence". The evidence must be related to the information in the boxes. Our guides will assist the teams in case of questions and accompany you while you save the world from a catastrophe.


Transmit your impulse digitally!

In the run-up to the event, we discuss with you which materials (including office and household items) your employees can use in their home office or coworking space to create their part of the impulse reaction. Via video conferencing and technical support, we will help everyone at the event to merge their individual reactions into a virtual chain of impulses. The coordination of the communication between the individual reactions or team members in chat rooms are very very important and real teamwork. The grand finale is the overall reaction, which we cut together for you at lightning speed and present in the video conference.


Art connects your team beyond home office and national borders.

After a short briefing, each of your participants will draw their own part of the total work of art under the professional guidance of our game masters. The aim is to create together a unique work of art from many individual pictures , with the crowning conclusion of a fusion online. Your participants will procure various drawing utensils for this purpose, which we will inform everyone in advance. Here, we usually limit ourselves to ballpoint pens, pencils, highlighters and co - utensils that can be found on a desk or in the home office anyway. Drawing is then done on white paper or cardboard, and you can be curious to see what great things will come out of it.

Event details:

ab 1 Hour(s)
Sebastian Heinrich
From 35,-€p.p.
excl. 19% VAT.
 15-100 Persons
 ab 1 Hour(s)
Sebastian Heinrich

Your contact:
Sebastian Heinrich

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