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Remote Team Events for Home Office and Remote Work

Remote events are the equivalent of our analog team events, where participants physically face each other. They can be used wherever greater distances need to be bridged or a face-to-face meeting is not efficient or possible. During the current Covid19 pandemic, many employees are also working from home offices. More than ever, in this age of webinars, videoconferencing and online meetings, companies need to strengthen the sense of "we" among employees. You should prepare your employees for the "new normal" and accompany them in the best possible way. For example with a remote event.

teamgeist offers innovative online teambuilding and virtual team events, which, combined with digital and analog elements, strengthen the "we-feeling" and enable a valuable exchange between team members. Organize entire remote team events or combine one of our numerous remote modules with your next online team meeting. We use an online platform provided by you or us for the exchange. Of course, all participants can be intensively involved in advance, which creates a further sense of community. This is how remote teambuilding works!

One of the success factors of effective digital team events is that emotions are aroused and interaction takes place. We recommend our meet.teamgeist communication platform for this purpose. As an all-in-one solution, it offers everything your event needs - individually, simply and securely. We would be happy to inform you about the possibilities!

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Top 26 teamgeist Remote Events

26 Results
Remote Team Event Global tabtour - Schnitzeljagd
Global Remote tabtour
Go on a joint journey through the different continents with us during a virtual company outing. Solve country-specific tasks, go on a voyage of discovery through the different cultures,...
From 39,- €p.p.
Criminal Mastermind
Criminal Mastermind - Online Team Event
The story of the "wolf" The participants belong to the newly formed special unit of Europol and together they set out on the trail of the probably most spectacular art robber in the...
From 29,- €p.p.
Escape Game (Aurora)
Use our Online Escape Game for a good team-feeling and organize a virtual team event for your employees! Together with your team it is the task to solve an exciting criminal case: The p...
From 29,- €p.p.
Remote Fun Team Challenge
The virtual Remote Fun Team Challenge takes place in a video meeting moderated by us. Therefore the participants need a laptop as well as a smartphone. All will receive an invitati...
From 29,- €p.p.
Speed Dating als Remote Event
Organise an exciting and varied speed dating in times of no contact and meeting restrictions - without any physical presence.  For this purpose, we set up different chat rooms in w...
From 29,- €p.p.
Escape Remote Game "The Secret of the 13"
Mysterious boxes must be opened as quickly as possible! We have digitalised our exciting escape game for you. Make important decisions and open the mysterious boxes as quickly as pos...
From 39,- €p.p.
Remote TeamParcours
The virtual TeamParcours takes place within the framework of a video call (without app) moderated by us. All participants will simply receive an event email from us with an invitation l...
From 35,- €p.p.
Remote Impulsreaktion
In the run-up to the event, we make sure that your employees in the home office learn which household objects they should use to create their part of the joint chain reaction. Via video...
From 29,- €p.p.
Online Team Quiz
Surprise your home office staff with an entertaining online event! While our presenter starts the questions in our entertaining live stream, the colleagues are busy puzzling along on th...
From 19,- €p.p.
Sebastian Heinrich

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