Digital Events for your Remote Team

Remote events are the equivalent of our analogue team events. 

They can be used when it's not possible to meet each other face to face. You and your team are spread all over the world or it is just not allowed to meet? No problem! Simply make the meeting online. During the current Covid19 pandemic, many companies have switchd to working from home offices. Due to the new daily routine with webinars, videoconferences and online meetings, it is more than necessary to strengthen the team spirit. To push the team spirit our remote events are the right support.

teamgeist offers innovative online teambuildings and virtual team events, which are combined with digital and analoge elements to push the team spirit. In addition it allows an unique exchange between team members. Either host a remote event as a team building exercise or incoporate it into an online team meeting of theirs.

We use an online platform provided by you or us for the exchange. Of course, all participants can be intensively involved in the preparation to the event, which creates a further sense of community. This is how Remote Teambuilding works.

If you are still unsure whether a remote event is the right event format for you, or if you cannot imagine exactly how it will work, we offer you a free and individual test event. We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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If you are still unsure whether a remote event is the right event format for you, please ask for a free individual test event.

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Virtual team events in times of Corona...

Many employee events, incentives and training for employees are cancelled in times of Corona. But this does not have to be the case! Thanks to remote events, remote incentives or remote trainings, you can also reach your employees in their home offices and promote fun at work, employee motivation and a sense of togetherness!

In times of Corona, many things have to be done without. Among other things, analogue employee events. Since the spring of 2020, many companies have been rethinking their plans and as a precaution have cancelled their summer parties. However, we are all slowly realising that "in times of Corona" is not a short phase, but a longer-term situation that must be dealt with.

teamgeist at the pulse of time

teamgeist is on the pulse of time and has the right solution for your situation with innovative and digital employee event formats and virtual incentive measures! Not only analogue events, which were intended to serve general teambuilding, have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely in 2020. Also important targeted teambuilding measures of individual employees or departments, onboarding events, incentives, team trainings or other team activities have been cancelled or postponed this year for security reasons.

Online employee events as virtual incentive

Many meetings that were held in person before Corona times have now been transferred to the virtual world. For many, this is already a new normality. In many industries, old normality already. With the help of tools such as MS Teams, Zoom or Skype, people can be brought together, constructive and creative discussions or presentations can be held and real emotions can be shared. This also works well for digital team events and online teambuilding!

So why not run a remote incentive for your employees online? Or a digital onboarding of new employees? Targeted virtual team trainings are also absolutely effective and efficient. Take advantage of the technical possibilities, our experience and know-how, so that your employees can take part in all training, incentives and team events as they would have without Corona. Simply ask us for a non-binding offer! We have the right modules, measures and ideas for you! 

Remote teambuilding for a sustainable sense of unity

Remote Work was already on the advance before Corona. Flexible working hours and flexible work locations for more employee satisfaction! Remote Work is not just a trend, but a completely new work philosophy and a completely new work feeling for the employees. Remote Work offers many advantages for everyone involved, but also many challenges. Not only the technical challenge of being able to access everything in the usual way at remote workstations, but also a sense of we, identification and employee loyalty must be redesigned.

Especially those who have remote teams or employees in their home office should think about special remote teambuilding. The colleagues are no longer within personal reach, the common lunch break does not take place, the exchange of professional or private topics cannot take place as usual. This makes it all the more important to maintain the "we" feeling in a digital way. With remote team events and special virtual team building measures, the "we" feeling can be sustainably strengthened despite physical distance and a new working day. In this way, the employees' identification with the company is maintained and you also achieve lasting employee loyalty with digital team building.  

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