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Experience an unforgettable remote experience with teamgeist: your virtual Christmas party together with your colleagues. Instead of going out to eat or visiting the Christmas market, you can experience real team building despite being physically separated. We have the right remote events for your digital Christmas party.  

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  • 30 years of experience
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  • Indoor and outdoor event formats

Ideas for your virtual Christmas party 2022

8 Results
Online Christmas Team Quiz
Doing quizzes together is fun and can sometimes also be educational. This is also possible remotely - for example from your home office. With our online Christmas team quiz, you can com...
From 19,- €p.p.
Global Remote X-Mas tabtour®
The Global Remote Xmas-tabtour® was specially developed for remote employees and connects participants worldwide via a sophisticated and Christmassy experience in each individual's home...
From 29,- €p.p.
Remote X-Mas Speed Dating
Organise an exciting and varied speed dating event in times of no contact and restrictions - without any physical presence at all.    For this purpose, we set up different ...
From 29,- €p.p.
Remote X-Mas Upcycling Workshop
Through upcycling, waste products or useless objects are transformed into new products. For example, our X-Mas upcycling creates poinsettias from cardboard rolls or other Christmas deco...
From 39,- €p.p.
Remote Christmas Party as virtual Company Christmas party
Christmas mood, emotions, music & fragrances, you will find all this again at your very own individual Christmas party. A wide variety of rooms await you there. Decide which one you wou...
Price on request
Remote X-Mas Impulse Reaction
In the preparation to the Christmas event, your employees in the home office receive a list of common household items with which they create their part of the joint chain reaction. We h...
From 29,- €p.p.
Remote X-Mas Fun Team Challenge
The virtual Remote Fun Team Challenge takes place of a video meeting moderated by us. The participants need a laptop and a smartphone. Everyone receives an invitation by e-mail from us ...
From 29,- €p.p.
Global Remote Sustainability Tabtour®
Sustainability is probably one of the words we have justifiably come across most often in recent years. In the future, too, the topic will hopefully continue to occupy us worldwide. But...
From 39,- €p.p.
Sebastian Heinrich

Your contact:
Sebastian Heinrich

Dart-Turnier Abstand
Darts Tournament Event with Distance
In the teamgeist darts tournament, you bring your team to victory with skill and ability in throwing darts. The goal of the participants is to be the first group to reach zero points ...
From 49,- €p.p.
Global Remote tabtour
Go on a joint journey through the different continents with us during a virtual company outing. Solve country-specific tasks, go on a voyage of discovery through the different cultures,...
From 39,- €p.p.

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Christmas party during Corona? 

Absolutely! teamgeist makes it possible! Find out here about digital Christmas parties with a real team-building factor. Many employees have been sitting in the home office for months, or at least increasingly so. Numerous companies have cancelled their summer party this year and dispensed with analogue teambuilding measures. 

Even in autumn and winter, the danger of Corona spreading further is greater again and a virtual event could be the solution for your Christmas party this year. teamgeist has gained a lot of experience in the field of remote team events for years - but especially in recent months. Any customer requests and individualisations have been implemented and further developed together with our customers. So you can experience a unique Christmas party 2022!

Virtual team building highly efficient 

It is especially important for employees in the home office to have/maintain or even intensify contact and exchange with other colleagues. Many employees in the home office miss the common lunch break or the evening get-together without work topics. This is precisely why remote teambuilding is ideal! Digital teambuilding concepts specially tailored to your needs sustainably promote the feeling of togetherness among your employees - despite the physical distance.

Unforgettable virtual Christmas party

So we are proud and confident to offer you an unforgettable and, above all, team-building virtual Christmas party that will bring your employees a lot of joy - despite spatial distance. Together with you, we will find the right Christmas digital team event and cater to your specific wishes. Just ask us without any obligation!

You haven't found a date in 2022 or have no more budget for a Christmas party? Then simply plan a Christmas party in January with teamgeist for an ideal start to the year 2022!


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