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It was Berchthold V, Duke of Zähringen who founded today’s de facto capital of Switzerland in 1191 which is why Bern can look back on a long history. Surrounded by the river Aare and with its beautiful historic old town, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983, the Zähringer city has a very special charm alluring visitors from all over the world. The nature around the city, however, is astounding as well! The city’s closest mountains Gurten and Bantiger are not only perfect for a hike but also for an exciting Geo Challenge, which sends the teams on a hunt for points and lets them grow together. With the lakes Murtensee, Bielersee and Neuenburgersee basically around the corner, you can experience a great team day at the water together during events like Raft Building. At the Soapbox Grand Prix you can put your foot down and during Archery you can prove your markmanship. However, Bern has also something up the sleeve when it comes to indoor events and so you can enjoy the Impulse Chain or the Domino-Rallye at your favourite location. Whichever event you go for, your day in Bern will never be forgotten!

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