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The capital of Switzerland Bern, is considered the gateway to the Alps and is located in the heart of Switzerland. Come together for an exciting team experience with teamgeist and enjoy the diversity the city has to offer.

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Team Events in and around Bern

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Digital Scavenger Hunt
Geocaching is old news: Equipped with the newest iPads and a modern software your teams are off on an action-packed and eventful digital scavenger hunt. Divided into small groups, all t...
From 59,- €p.p.
Quiz Show Bern
“Does anybody know this? Nobody? Really?” Everybody is whispering, thinking, discussing the answer and – boom ! – one participant hits the buzzer. “Team Sherlock wants to solve the ques...
From 39,- €p.p.
tabCrime Academy
Complete an exciting and unforgettable thriller training with your colleagues in the middle of your favorite city. Can you pass the tests and obstacles of the secret thriller academy an...
From 49,- €p.p.
iPad Short Film Festival Bern
Scene two, take one – action! During the iPad short film festival, participants are tasked with recording, cutting and editing a truly unique short film according to a prespecifi...
From 59,- €p.p.
Team versucht die Rätsel des Escape Games zu lösen
Escape Game "The Secret of the 13" Bern
With an Escape Game you can experience an unforgettable event for team cohesion with your employees. Escape Room Teambuilding is a new trend that is spreading like wildfire for compa...
From 39,- €p.p.
Golf Indoor Team Hindernis Ball Schlaeger
The distance to the hole is estimated with the highest concentration. The player skillfully holds his racket in his hand. He takes one last glance, then he takes the drive and plays the...
From 10,- €p.p.
Zwei Paar Hände bauen ein Netz
Team Web Bern
With a couple of ropes, strings and a few useful knots, you and your colleagues tie together a stable team web. Strong metaphors such as a “functioning network”, “international networki...
From 39,- €p.p.
KAPLA® - Building in XXL Bern
Do you know KAPLA®? Excitement, enthusiasm and creative explosions can be experienced firsthand during this team event. The participants need nothing but the simple wooden blocks...
From 39,- €p.p.
Sandra Renner

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Sandra Renner


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