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A city rally requires team work. It is not about speed but rather about solving tasks and collecting as many points as possible with the correct team strategy. That way the team gets to know the city and even colleagues in a new way. Collectively conquering exciting missions and overcoming special obstacles, brings the team closer together as everyone contributes to the team’s success. A rally like this guarantees a lot of fun and can be topped off with a final stop at a cosy restaurant.

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GPS – City Rally
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Sebastian Heinrich

Your contact:
Sebastian Heinrich

What is a city rally?

In many aspects, a rally through the city is very different from a classic city tour or a typical sightseeing tour with a bus. The city rally gives every participant the chance to conquer and explore the most beautiful cities with all their incredible sights. Whichever version of the modern city tour you choose, it is going to be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Interesting information and challenging tasks let you and your colleagues interact with your surroundings and lead you to all sights in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or any other city of your choice.

The tasks of a city rally can also be a combination of team event and city tour. In order to strengthen solidarity within the department or the team, the city rally can be completed as competition between individual groups. That way, you and your colleagues get to know your company’s surroundings and neighbourhood as well as company-internal contents in a playful way. This challenge requires navigation, intelligence and creativity as well as strength and endurance. Fun is of course also a major priority as you and your team members discover new sights and complete tricky riddles.

Versions of the city rally

A GPS-rally is the modern and trendy version of the classic city tour. Equipped with GPS device, map and compass, you and your colleagues are off to different exciting places and sights in the city. On your way through the city and along its most interesting sights, your team receives various tasks and games that have to be completed together. All coordinates that your team heads for during the tour through the city hold ready new and exciting challenges for your team. Questions about interesting company- or city-specific topics have to be answered and riddles, which require teamwork, have to be solved together – that way ideas and values of the company can be communicated in a playful way, a new city can be discovered through fun activities and colleagues can turn into friends. The individual teams – whether separated into the different departments or randomly mixed – try to solve tricky tasks and complete thrilling challenges through strategic teamwork and coordination in order to collect as many points as possible. We guarantee that a fun city rally with teamgeist will strengthen your sense of unity and boost team morale and motivation among you and your colleagues.

Teamgeist – the perfect partner for your city rally

What makes up a good scavenger hunt for adults? The team has to be challenged to get the most out of the collective effort, conversations and mutual exchange have to be encouraged and important information has to be conveyed. Last but not least, fun has to be guaranteed so that employees can be rewarded for their hard work and the new business year can be started appropriately. A lot has to be considered: the tasks have to be exciting and informative at the same time, the technical equipment has to be right and certain pedagogical skills are required in order to turn a cluttered group into a strong and united team. Take advantage of teamgeist’s experience of more than 20 years and more than 10.000 team events and corporate retreats. We know what matters when it comes to an exciting city rally better than anyone – which is exactly why we were awarded with the German Tourism Prize in 2012 for our self-developed GPS-rally, the “tabtour”. Trust teamgeist and together we will develop an individual city rally for you and your staff.

Shape your team with a city rally

Starting a new project and a large number of employees find themselves in a new team and new surroundings? The initial phase is generally the hardest phase – you have to get to know city and colleagues, find ways to connect with co-workers, discover the pretty corners of your new neighborhood and find beautiful spots, where you can relax after work and refuel for the next day of work. All in all: you have to push your boundaries and overcome limits. Strangers have to form a strong unit and manage tough challenges that can only be completed collectively within a short period of time. In the beginning, the personal radius is limited to the small surroundings of the new home and the way to work, while the urge and desire to discover new things fades away quickly during stressful day-to-day work routines. With a city rally with teamgeist, you have the opportunity to make the start into this new chapter a lot easier for your colleagues, while they forge new bonds and discover the most important and interesting places around.

Not only as kick-off for a new cooperation, but also as reward for achieved success – spending the day together, discovering new places and getting to know colleagues in a playful way is always an ideal activity. Whether you want to prepare your employees for upcoming tasks or whether you want to provide them with a welcome change and distraction from everyday work life in order to show appreciation for their performances – nothing is more important for staff motivation than a positive working atmosphere at the company and maintaining good relationships among all colleagues, across all hierarchy levels. Experience the GPS city rally together and take the leap from cluttered group of colleagues to a strong and united team.


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