tabtour - the iPad Rally


tabtour - the iPad Rally

Geocaching is old news: Equipped with the newest iPads, modern software (and depending on the event design, additional equipment), your teams are off on a action-packed and eventful digital scavenger hunt. Divided into small groups, all teams are connected to each other and to the game operator in realtime throughout the iPad Rally. The teams have to solve different tasks, complete fun team games and overcome various team projects successfully.

Our software is continuously refined through specialists and is always up to date. It presents the teams with a huge interactive digital game map at a location of your choice. Here, geo-referenced points, so-called tabspots, are located at cultural and touristic highlights or at places of your choice. Behind every tabspot, exciting team tasks and fun games await the teams, for example:

  • Riddles and information about the sights and about your event topics
  • Special team tasks
  • Advertising and information stands about your topics
  • Workshop units at special places
  • Team games and photo tasks
  • Video sequences about special tasks

The teams are tasked with solving the mysteries behind the individual tabspots and to complete as many tabspots as possible. Every group decides independently and depending on the team’s own strategy which route to take through the city and which tabspots to solve. Once a team has reached a tabspot, the iPad activates the corresponding riddle, game or team task. The tasks can only be solved and points can only be collected at the tabspots. The interactive map, the live-chat and the realtime highscore provide for the necessary competitive and motivational atmosphere among the teams.

A good strategy, cooperation within the team and using the resources of all participants are the key to success!

During the event, photos and data of the tour are sent to a central PC that also enables live communication among the teams. The event ends with an emotional showdown, when the results are presented and evaluated with all teams. The tabtour is an individualized company event and training concept with the opportunity to add team activities to the existing tasks in order to, for example, motivate staff or convey company-specific knowledge and values. All tabtour events and trainings can thus be individually tailored to your goals, requirements and wishes. 

Event details:

2:00 Hour(s)
From 59,-€p.p.
excl. 19% VAT.
 20-2500 Persons
 2:00 Hour(s)

Overview of our services for you

  • Individual consultation and creation of your event concept
  • Organisation of the event and implementation on site
  • Moderator, game master, trainer and organisational team
  • Team equipment: iPad, GPS device, map
  • TABMAP – tour manual, GPS manual, tab manual
  • Individual app design through customised client branding
  • Rain ponchos for all participants
  • tabtour operator with internet access
  • Use of the  TABTOUR software

Further information

Logistical costs

  • Starting at 100 € excl. 19% VAT

Agency flatrate

  • Depending on event location and effort
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