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Tape Art

What can you imagine by tape art?

In short, tape art is art that is created with the help of adhesive tapes. It can be subordinated to the urban art segment and also serves as an alternative for graffiti art. Instead of being sprayed, it is taped. In the meantime, there are also adhesive tapes specially developed for tape art. Unlike graffiti, these can usually be removed without leaving any residue, which makes them particularly attractive.

Graffiti art as well as tape art can be found in urban public or semi-public spaces. However, tape art has also established itself as a design concept in flats and houses. Instead of large wallpaper or pictures on the wall, it is not uncommon to use adhesive tape. You can either stick on a specific motif according to instructions or give free rein to your creativity and create a very individual piece of tape art.

Tape Art as a creative team event

Be creative!

There are three basic phases during the Tape Art team event:

  1. Team phase
  2. Design phase
  3. Presentation phase

1. Team phase and design study

After the group has been divided into small teams, the teams now have their first tasks to complete. Each team has to give itself a team name. Either in line with the motto of the day or completely individually. In addition, the team roles are to be assigned within the team:

  • A team captain who, as creative director, is responsible not only for time management but also for motivation and cooperation within the team.
  • The quality representatives, who make sure that the given guidelines are adhered to. For example, with regard to the motto or that the specified outlines are not pasted over.
  • The creatives are mainly responsible for the design and the visual appearance of the tape art work.
  • The content officers ensure that the desired content and creative tasks are fulfilled. These can be, for example, commitment officers who have to ensure that the "five commitments of cooperation" are visible on the artwork. Provided this was part of the task/motto.
  • The Safety Officers look after the common safety. No one should get hurt when using cutter knives and scissors.

After assigning roles in the teams, the tape art piece needs to be planned in detail. A design study helps to narrow down the allocated section of foil. Which colours should be used for the outlines and which shapes and symbols can perhaps be integrated?

2. Design phase

During the design phase, each team creates its own unique work of art with coloured adhesive strips. The given outlines can be supplemented with individual elements. Symbols that match the motto, for example, can be integrated in a suitable place.

The material provided by teamgeist will be used for the design. An experienced team guide will be available for questions and suggestions throughout the event.

3. Presentation phase

Depending on the motto and specifications, the individual tape art works of the small teams result in a large overall work of art. The individual sections/cuttings are presented briefly and succinctly by the pre-determined team member(s). What are the respective highlights of the artworks? 

Creativity, communication and team building

During communication within the teams, the team members can get to know each other again from a different perspective. Planning and creating together not only promotes communication, but also long-term team building! For those who create an individual work of art in teamwork raise the feeling of togetherness to a new level.

Our staff in the teamgeist regional companies will be happy to help you choose a location near you. We can also discuss in advance whether the tape art is to be used temporarily or even as a long-term design for your office space.

Our services at a glance

  • Moderation and accompaniment of the event by experienced event guides
  • Planning and organisation in advance
  • Advice on the choice of location
  • Complete material 

Possible additional costs:

If applicable, logistics flat rate and location rental depending on the venue.


  • german
  • english

Optional benefits

  • Catering
  • Accomodation
  • Winner prize

Prices may vary depending on the scope of services, venue, date and number of participants.

Event details:

2 bis 4 Hour(s)
Period: ganzjährig
Sebastian Heinrich
From 49,-€p.p.
excl. 19% VAT.
 20-1000 Persons
 2 bis 4 Hour(s)
Sebastian Heinrich

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