Dart Tournament

Dart Indoor Zielscheibe Wurf Team Jubel

Dart Tournament

In 1898, the American Samuel Ettinger registered his new innovation at the patent office…he probably did not realise that he was about to change the world of pubs and hobby rooms. His idea: equip an arrow with a little paper flag in order to stabilize its flight path. The dart was invented.

Now, more than 100 years later, darts is an incredibly popular sport at the pub and at home. Dart tournaments are televised all around the world. Reason enough to use this fun and easy to learn sport as dart tournament for team building events.

During the teamgeist dart tournament, we transform your conference room or your offices into a mobile dart studio. After a short briefing and a practice round, it is all about scoring points. In a relaxed atmosphere and with popular darts classics such as 501 or Around The Clock, the teams throw dart after dart onto the board during this entertaining team event. 

Event details:

2 Hour(s)
From 49,-€p.p.
excl. 19% VAT.
 20-100 Persons
 2 Hour(s)

Overview of our services for you

  • Preparation and organisation of team event
  • including complete material and dart boards/stations
  • supervision and instruction by experienced team guides
  • moderation and event management on site
  • teamgeist certificates for all participants
  • photo documentation and protected online gallery

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