tabtour large groups


tabtour large groups

With the tabtour, it is an easy task to send a large group of up to 1.000 participants off to their team building adventure at the same time. We are talking about a digital scavenger hunt that can be played as game, learning or conference module, indoors and outdoors, at one or at different locations. Before you start, we divide your large group into several smaller teams that compete against one another during the tour.

The individual teams are equipped with tablet PC and GPS device, as they “hunt” for team games, riddles and tasks that hide behind our tabspots throughout the entire city. Sightseeing is guaranteed as the team games will lead you right by the city’s most famous highlights. The tablet PCs contain all tasks, distribute and show points and connect and communicate with the other team devices – everything in REALTIME. The event ends with an emotional showdown and a presentation of the team scores.

Event details:

2 Hour(s)
From 69,-€p.p.
excl. 19% VAT.
 100-1000 Persons
 2 Hour(s)

Overview of our services for you

  • Team equipment: outdoor case with tablet PC, GPS device, map, compass, emergency card
  • TABMAP – tour manual, GPS manual, tab manual
  • Individual app design and branding
  • Rain ponchos for all participants
  • Tabtour operator with internet access
  • Use of TABTOUR software
  • Moderator and organisational team on site

Further information

Additional costs

  • depending on event location, date, effort


  • individual themes and routes
  • Branding of software in design of the company
  • Teamgeist medals for all participants
  • supervised team stations during tour
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