Office Golf

Office golf is being played in the office building. Team members play from office to office, taking into account the many obstacles that come into play in an office building. A firm yet gentle hand is required and fun is guaranteed. Whether you play down the stairs, through the elevator, below the work desk or behind the recycle bin, office golf is all about fun and creativity. You can play in teams or everyone for themselves. Naturally, team members are addressed by their first name. A great opportunity for the office community to come together in a friendly atmosphere and form new bonds.

Office and Cross Golf in more than 250 cities

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Christmas Golf Tournament
Team spirit, skill and a good feel for the ball are required. During our Christmas golf tournament, we integrate our mobile golf course into the various areas of the hotel. The result i...
From 39,- €p.p.
teamevent golf mit disc
Disc Golf
If you like Frisbee and golf, you are going to love disc golf because it combines both sports in an incomparable way. As easy to learn as miniature golf, as fascinating and complex as r...
From 39,- €p.p.
teamevent golf
Cross Golf
Every golf course impresses with its perfect greens and a wonderful scenery for all friends of nature. But with our cross golf event, we go back to the roots of this beautiful sport. We...
From 39,- €p.p.
Hotel and Conference Golf Tournament
The distance to the hole is evaluated with absolute concentration. The player skilfully holds his putter in his hand. One last look, one deep breath and he swings the putter. Past the f...
From 39,- €p.p.
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Let loose, have fun and keep a cool head – Office golf with teamgeist

At your office golf event the well-known expression “over hill and dale…” turns into “over hallway and stairs…” and you can be certain: Your colleagues will discover every inch of their workplace. Are you currently looking for an action-packed, experience-oriented team event for your staff, during which everyone gets moving, while playfully figuring out strategic solutions and having fun together in a relaxed atmosphere? Then don’t look any further! Teamgeist presents you with an extraordinary event that will leave you and your staff with wonderful and long-lasting memories. Aside from our indoor office golf event – if you would rather spend some time in the open air – the outdoor version cross golf might interest you.

300-450 reasons for a fun event: Grab golf ball, club and your team and get started

Golf – the sport, during which a small ball has to transported from start to finish with as few strokes as possible. Just FYI: 300-450 is the amount of “dimples” on a golf ball. For quite some time now, sport fanatics have been looking to play golf in different, exciting locations, away from the traditional green golf course – for example in the middle of your office. If you have been thinking about treating yourself and your colleagues with a special event…for example as reward for a successfully completed project or as motivation for upcoming challenges at the workplace?! Especially if you do not have a lot of time or if you do not necessarily want to leave your offices, teamgeist has the perfect event for you to add a little change, action and fun to your busy day: indoor golf.

This variation of golf brings the challenge to an indoor location of your choice. The great thing about it: You do not have to prepare or set anything up – your existing office provides for the perfect setting for a day packed with action, team spirit and variety for your colleagues. Playing around trash can, copyier, chairs and flipcharts does not only require spontaneity and precision, but also a great deal of mutual support and encouragement as well as the integration of all – and especially – new colleagues into the team. Our golf course will lead you and your staff through hallways and elevators, down the stairs or beneath tables and chairs. During this exciting event, we focus on having fun while co-workers get to know each other better in a playful way. When thinking about the best possible ball route together, colleagues develop a new sense of solidarity and forge new bonds, thus contributing to improving the atmosphere at the workplace.

Whether office golf Münster, office golf Dresden or office golf in any city of your choice – teamgeist accompanies you through an exciting day at and with your company. And if you would rather spend some time in the open and fresh air, the solution is simple: cross golf. This variation brings golf ball and club to challenging locations in nature. Playing among and through trees, “over hill and dale”, this exciting and sporty challenge of playing golf in a new and unknown scenery requires power, skill and accuracy. Pick your favorite: Cross golf Hamburg, cross golf Berlin, cross golf Munich or any other city. This event provides you and your team with the perfect opportunity to network, small talk or simply have fun together apart from the daily office life.

A hole-in-one with teamgeist: tee off and let teamgeist do the rest

Putting, striking, playing: So that you can concentrate on golfing and your colleagues, teamgeist takes on the complete planning, organisation and execution of your team event. Send us your non-binding request via the web form or call us, as soon as you have selected an event. Whether bus transport, accommodation or catering etc. – we will gladly take care of everything for you, so that you can enjoy this special day to the fullest.

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