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“The metropolis with a big heart” – anyone who has already visited Munich can certainly confirm this slogan. The city offers everything one can wish for: FC Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munich, the Lions, for football fans, the Oktoberfest for tradition lovers and BMW’s modern carriages for car enthusiasts. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that Bavaria’s capital possesses the best location for each and every teamgeist event. The English Garden is ideal for any outdoor event of smaller groups and larger groups who would love to experience nature, will find the perfect locations in the surrounding forests, like the Leutstettener Moos. While you can enjoy a great adventure in form of the Geo Challenge there, you are wandering through the city centre during the tabtour and solve tricky questions and riddles at all the impressive sights in Munich. You’ll put the pedal to the metal during the Soapbox Grand Prix, hit the bullseye in Archery and, with a lot of creativity and communication, you will let the Impulse Chain flow just as beautifully as the Isar!

You can also leave the busy city behind you and enjoy the stunning Lake Starnberg and the big seller event Raft Building – a day you will never forget! Strengthen your team spirit, realize your favourite team event and lean back in a typical beer garden or another breathtaking location afterwards.

Team Events in and around Munich

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Team auf digitaler Schnitzeljagd im Winter
Winter tabtour – the wintry digital scavenger hunt Munich
Discover the city of Munich during your Winter tabtour from a completely different perspective and learn interesting and curious facts about different buildings and the history and stre...
From 59,- €p.p.
Team beim Eisstockschießen im Winter
Bavarian Curling Munich
Neither do we need snow for Bavarian Curling in Munich nor a frozen Isar since we are able to make this curling event possible anytime and anywhere. With our mobile ice tracks you can e...
From 42,- €p.p.
Night Archery Munich
We will turn the night to day during your Night Archery event in Munich. Experience an exciting and fun competition under the Bavarian stars, for example in a cozy beer garden in Munich...
From 39,- €p.p.
Winter Challenge im Winter mit spannenden Aktivitäten fuer das Team
Winter Challenge Outdoor Munich
The great number of Christmas Markets decorate the streets of the Bavarian capital and instantly cast a spell over everybody. However, the “metropolis with a big heart” has also beautif...
From 49,- €p.p.
Eis Block Kettensäge Schnitzen
Ice Sclupting Munich
Create a fabulous and breathtaking ice sculpture with your team! No matter if a Bavarian beer garden is covered in snow or warmed by the summer sun – with team work, a lot of creativity...
Price on request
Carpet Curling Munich
Teamgeist rolls out the carpet for you. In this case a green one, because the popular carpet curling is played on our mobile artificial grass carpets. Whether summer or winter, indoors ...
From 39,- €p.p.
team challenge gruppe-Blossin
Gingerbread Bakery Munich
If you do, then this team event will be perfect for you! In your personal Gingerbread Bakery in Munich you will be surrounded by all sorts of sweets and it is your task to build your gi...
From 39,- €p.p.
Golf spielen im Schnee mit dem Team
Christmas Golf Tournament Munich
Then the odds are against a beautiful day on the golf course! But don’t worry, we can provide a remedy and create a golf course for you which you will never ever forget again! During yo...
From 39,- €p.p.
Winter Challenge im Winter mit spannenden Aktivitäten für das Team
Bavarian Winter Olympics Munich
There might be no better place for your Bavarian Winter Olympics than Munich and its surroundings! The “metropolis with a big heart” is almost predestined to realise this event with you...
From 49,- €p.p.
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