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Raft Building

Sebastian Heinrich
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„Off to new shores” is the motto for our action-packed outdoor team event „Raft Building“. You and your colleagues rise together to the challenge, as you will discover who might have been a sailor or shipbuilder in his or her previous life. But building a floatable and sustainable raft is not as easy as it seems. The challenge requires imagination, innovation and teamwork, especially when the finished construction will be put to the test as you and your colleagues conquer the nearest body of water. As additional highlight, the teams can create their very own flag for the raft. Are you curious about the event? If so, then simply register your team for this special team activity.

  • 30 years of experience
  • Special expertise for large groups
  • Location tips from our experts
  • Indoor and outdoor event formats

The raft building event is ideal as supporting programme or as highlight, for example

Raft building events with teamgeist in all of Germany

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Raft Building for Large Groups
Looking for the perfect event for large groups? Slip into the roles of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, build your own team raft and cast off to new shores. Your team is tasked with bui...
From 59,- €p.p.
Raft Building Event
All beginnings are difficult. But once you get going, things turn around and you make progress. Because in the end, even the at first sight long path ahead of you consists of small, ind...
From 59,- €p.p.
indoor flossbau
Miniature Raft Building Event Indoor
Your team is tasked with building a miniature raft with sail and rudder using various material. Team spirit is required as every person has to contribute to the project. During a collec...
From 39,- €p.p.
Sebastian Heinrich

Your contact:
Sebastian Heinrich

Sawing timber and tying ropes – get your hands dirty with the raft building event by teamgeist

The boards that mean the world…that does not always have to be the theater stage. Leave behind the solid ground beneath your feet and float on the water. We are talking about going rafting, or better yet raft building. A night at the theater or at the pub with colleagues? That sounds like a nice social gathering, but it is really nothing new and exciting. If you want to bring your team closer together, if you want to break old barriers and form new bonds, the simple after work beer may not be enough – something different is needed. With more than 20 years of experience and as market leader when it comes to team building, teamgeist knows a trick or two in order to bring back the spark, more motivation and cooperation to your large or small team. A company event with rafting is a great idea!

Away from everyday work life, off to new shores: Treat your colleagues and yourself to an extraordinary corporate retreat

Is there anything that is missing within your team or department? Are your colleagues stressed because of upcoming challenges or exhausted from a recently completed project? Maybe it is simply time for a change in order to escape everyday work life and to boost team morale. A raft building event is an extremely effective measure to playfully boost and establish values such as team spirit, mutual support and considerate cooperation among your colleagues.

During this special team day, participants actually get to build a raft, from the first plank to the last rope knot. With the help of various material such as floating bodies, wooden boards, tree logs and ropes you and your team build a floatable and load-bearing raft – an event that is ideal for large groups with up to 1000 participants, so that your entire company can board the raft. The total package includes a creative station, where arts and crafts lovers can design a team flag for the raft, and come up with a battle cry and team song. After a festive launching ceremony, the team is off to a test drive and maiden voyage with their self-made raft. To top off the day and crown the winner, teams can also compete against each other in a short race.

And even if the weather does not play along – with the provided rain ponchos your raft building event will not fall through, on the contrary – an additional challenge through the weather and forces of nature can be extremely motivating and boost the fun factor. If you have smaller dimensions in mind, however, we also have the mini raft building as indoor event to offer – raft building on a smaller scale and indoors. A test drive, awarding the fastest as well as prettiest rafts and a team competition are not forgotten about. Our photo documentation of your event as protected online gallery leaves your team with wonderful souvenirs and long-lasting memories.

Cast off and the journey begins – let teamgeist do the work…your retreat is in good hands

Are you looking for raft building Munich, raft building Nuremberg or building a raft with your team or entire staff in a different city? We have prepared a wide selection of events for you – contact us via phone or through our web form, and we can talk about the details of your event and get off to a great start towards your successful team experience. The good thing for you: You basically do not have to do anything – from bus transport and accommodation, to catering, entertainment programme and other services, teamgeist plans and organises the entire event for you – and is even on site in order to supervise and guide your colleagues through the day. Our main concern is that you can have fun, relax and do something to improve the working atmosphere at your job.


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