Domino Rally 2.0

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  • 20-1000 Persons
  • 1:30 Hour(s)
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Should you not be able to hold the event you have booked due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus in Germany, we will give you the opportunity to make up for this within one year, starting from the originally planned date of the event, at the same conditions. It is also possible to convert the event into another event of equal value. Cancellation costs will of course not be incurred for the one-time postponement. This does not apply to our remote events.

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Small impulse - big reaction

Everyone remembers the famous “Domino Day” – we take this unique event a step further. Because during our domino rally 2.0, not only domino pieces, but a variety of other materials such as Kapla blocks, pvc pipes, wooden strips, fishing line and Lego pieces go into action. Using these building elements, seesaws, pipelines, viaducts, logos and countless other things can be built. That way, we can offer you a wide spectrum for the integration of your topics, while spurring the imagination and creativity of the participants. With the help of a selected motto or completely without guidelines - the selection and implementation of a theme is completely up to you. No matter which motto you choose or which exciting guidelines you want to give to your teams, we will gladly accommodate your wishes and help you to implement your ideas for your domino event.

From set-up to the drop - patience and a calm hand are required until the very last second

At the beginning of the event, the participants are split up into different teams that work together on a mutual challenge. Equipped with pen and paper, the teams start by brainstorming in order to find a unique idea. Every team drafts a motive for the implementation. The themes can be company-specific, related to a region or an occasion, or it can be freely selectable. Using all building elements, the teams are then tasked with creating a domino station that triggers a smooth chain reaction. This not only requires communication within your own team but also with the other groups, because the transitions to the next chain reactions have to be coordinated very carefully. After the construction phase, the teams present their individual domino projects. Let yourself be inspired and find out who has the calmest hands and most original ideas among your colleagues.

Will all dominoes fall?

The event ends with a grand finale. Will all pieces fall? A guaranteed highlight that will be accompanied by cheering and excitement!

This domino rally is an exciting and communicative experience that will leave your staff with wonderful memories. It is ideally suited for kick-off events or conferences/meetings and can be organised for thousands of participants. 

 20-1000 Persons
 1:30 Hour(s)

Overview of our services for you

  • Marked playing fields
  • Equipment (dominoes, lego, additional material)
  • Supervision and instruction by experienced team guides
  • Independent of weather – rain ponchos for all participants
  • Team contest with point system
  • Photo documentation and protected online gallery
  • Teamgeist certificates for all participants

Further information

Additional costs

  • Prices can vary according to scope of services, event location, amount of participants and effort

Logistical costs

  • Starting at 150 € excl. 19% VAT
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