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Quiz Show


Quiz Show

“Does anybody know this? Nobody? Really?” Everybody is whispering, thinking, discussing the answer and – boom ! – one participant hits the buzzer. “Team Sherlock wants to solve the question!” – Welcome to the teamgeist quiz show. Don’t be scared, the smartest team does not always win. The teamgeist quiz show is more about solving various mini-quiz games, team tasks and song or movie riddles as a group. Estimation questions, joke riddles, optical illusions – our wide selection of questions and activities guarantees that everyone can contribute with their “area of expertise” in order to collect valuable points for the team.

Every team receives a wireless buzzer, a white board and a couple of building blocks, whose purpose you will have to find out yourself. Equipped with projector and canvas, our quiz master takes over and leads the teams through the evening. The event is very flexible and mobile, so that it can be integrated into your daily or nightly plans.

The quiz show becomes especially funny, if it is placed under a certain motto or theme! During a Christmas quiz show, for example, the teams are confronted with riddles and tasks all about the festive season. Even individual questions about your company can be integrated into the event. 

Event details:

2 Hour(s)
From 39,-€p.p.
excl. 19% VAT.
 15-100 Persons
 2 Hour(s)

Overview of our services for you

  • Buzzer station incl. projector and multimedia show
  • Moderation by a teamgeist show master
  • Question cards and active elements
  • Ideal in combination with other products
  • Photo documentation and protected online gallery
  • Preparation of game plans
  • Teamgeist certificates for all participants

Further information


  • Throughout Germany upon request


  • Year-round

Additional costs 

  • depending on event location and effort
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