Soapbox Grand Prix as Team Event


Soapbox Grand Prix as Team Event

A soapbox grand prix is probably one of the most fun ways to race against your colleagues. Before the grand finale, however, everyone has to plan, build, tinker and screw as each team is constructing and designing its very own soapbox.

Where does this screw belong? What should we name our soapbox? What kind of design will set us apart from the competition? All of these questions will be answered, before the teams enter the big racing stage. With a soapbox kit, plenty of imagination and ambition, your team can be victorious! An all around entertaining event that focuses on creativity, skill and fun! 

The highlight: Take your soapboxes home, to your offices or donate them to a charity or institution of your choice! 

Event details:

2 Hour(s)
From 59,-€p.p.
excl. 19% VAT.
 20-200 Persons
 2 Hour(s)

Overview of our services for you

  • Individual consultation and creation of an event concept
  • Organisation and management of event on site
  • Building kits for soapboxes
  • Equipment for the construction of the soapboxes (including tools, materials for design, overalls/safety equipment)
  • Instruction and supervision by experienced guides
  • Material for designing team flags
  • One pilot overall per team
  • Safety gear for pilots (helmet, ellbow and knee pads)
  • Start and finish marks, race track markings, finishing flag
  • Photo documentation and protected online gallery
  • Award ceremony and Teamgeist certificates for every participant

Further information

Logistical costs

  • Depending on event location

Agency flatrate

  • Depending on event location and effort

Soapbox sets

  • 240 € excl. 19% VAT per set
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