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Should you not be able to hold the event you have booked due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus in Germany, we will give you the opportunity to make up for this within one year, starting from the originally planned date of the event, at the same conditions. It is also possible to convert the event into another event of equal value. Cancellation costs will of course not be incurred for the one-time postponement. This does not apply to our remote events.

One impulse - one large effect

Working on a task in individual teams, yet also together – that is the fundamental idea behind the teamgeist impulse chain.

During the first step, the individual teams have to let a ball roll from beginning to end of the impulse using various everyday items and material. Can the ball, initiated by a pendulum made from hand brush and lampshade, roll onto the wooden railway and across a seesaw made of fruit boxes? Yes it can! But once this initial task has been mastered, the team is presented with an even bigger challenge: The individual chain reactions have to be connected to each other! The ball arrives from the previous team, passes through the chain reaction of your own team and then continues towards the next chain reaction. This requires a lot of communication, planning talent, creativity and organisation – just like in real (work) life! 

Once all teams have tested and coordinated their chain reactions, the grand finale starts! Can the ball complete all stations until the last deciding impulse? All participants will suspensefully follow the ball and observe the result of their teamwork. This challenge is less about winning and competing, but instead focuses on communication, game, fun and the emotional group experience.

 20-1000 Persons
 2:00 Hour(s)

Overview of our services for you

  • Rough concept of the stations
  • Material and equipment for all stations
  • Supervision and instruction by experienced team guides
  • Moderation and event management on site
  • Teamgeist certificates for all participants
  • Photo documentation and protected online gallery

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  • Logistics und conception
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