Hybrid impulse reaction

Hybride Impulsreaktion

Hybrid impulse reaction

Small impulse, incredible effect!

Hardly any other team task depends so much on the interaction between the individual teams and with each other. Get the ball rolling and accompany it in amazement on its way to the grand finale when the confetti cannon pops in analogue or fireworks explode in digital.
After an introduction to the process and an overview of the available materials, each team develops its part of the impulse reaction. In the end, however, it's the big picture that counts: the impulse chain is only successful when each station is functionally connected and coordinated with that of the colleague team.

New impulses at special times

Made simple with this hybrid impulse response. You have participants and entire groups who come together in presence and those who participate digitally in the event? We can do that!

The supervision of the different teams is a little different for your analogue and digital groups, yet they all pursue one goal: to pass on the impulse. For this purpose, we communicate a "common household item" to all participants before the event. This serves as a "link" between the individual reactions. Via a (video) conference, the participants determine an order for the sequences / the groups. Whether we divide the groups into purely analogue and digital groups or mix the groups can be individually adapted. 

Extraordinary situations require extraordinary team events

Nothing off the peg, but completely individual

In this event, the participants have to pay attention to several things at once. Firstly, the interfaces within the teams must be well coordinated. For a fluent reaction, clear agreements are needed. Especially in digital or mixed groups, it must be clear who comes in which place and with which object the reaction is taken up and passed on. If these are clear, the teams can build their reactions.  

A great whole emerges - thanks to the hybrid event concept 

Analogue teams either use materials that are generally available at the venue (e.g. chairs, pens, folders, water bottles). These are usually the classic conference materials. On request and depending on the location, we can provide various materials and guides for on-site support. Digital teams use everything that can be found in the household (e.g. toilet paper rolls, books, fruit bowls, the children's toys...).

Each participant makes a video of their partial reaction and sends it to the event leader. Our editor then edits the individual films of the teams into a complete reaction in one video. As this takes some time, the presentation is given after a few hours, on the following day, or at the end of the day.

Since the implementation of hybrid events can have very different characteristics and a high degree of complexity, the expenses can only be defined more precisely with the conception. Through individual technical and logistical solutions, the prices are calculated exactly according to your needs in order to implement a successful hybrid event for your employees.

Event details:

ab 1 Hour(s)
Sebastian Heinrich
From 29,-€p.p.
excl. 19% VAT.
 15-2500 Persons
 ab 1 Hour(s)
Sebastian Heinrich

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Sebastian Heinrich

Our services for you at a glance

For analogue and digital teams:

  • Provision and preparation of a large group room as well as one room per team based on a common video conferencing tool such as Zoom
  • Invitation management to the rooms
  • Moderation and management of the event by a very experienced event leader
  • Supervision and support of the event by further experienced teamgeist guides
  • Team size of a maximum of 5 people to encourage as much communication as possible within the team
  • Playing time of about 90 minutes plus final award ceremony
  • The individual film sequences are put together to form one big whole
  • Exciting and funny award ceremony the following day

Additionally for analogue teams:

  • Rough conception of the stations
  • Partial material preparation of the stations
  • Moderation of the event
  • Supervision by experienced team guides
  • Provision of materials according to a material list

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