Impulse Chain Vienna


Impulse Chain Vienna

If your chain reaction flows just as beautifully in the end like the Danube through Vienna, then you did everything right at your Chain Reaction event! The goal of this team event is to create a reaction with impulses being transferred from one reaction to the next one without any interruption. In order to manage this, you will have to communicate with your own team and also with your neighbouring teams the best you can to create well-functioning interfaces. Besides dominoes and lego bricks you have a lot of other, maybe some awkward, objects at your disposal. You should be extremely creative, when you have to integrate, for example, a coffee machine, a toaster or even a shoe polishing machine into your Impulse Chain. As soon as you have finished your reaction and created the interface to the other teams, the big moment has come and your chain reaction will be started. Witness how beautifully it flows, just as the Danube through Vienna, triggering a bombastic Big Bang in the end which will leave everyone speechless!

Teambuilding at its best

This is what you have just experienced with your Impulse Chain and you can even enhance it a little further! Have a seat in a cozy Viennese restaurant and experience a nice evening with Austrian delicacies and in a relaxed atmosphere!

Event details:

Vienne Homepage
2:00 Hour(s)
Period: All Season
From 59,-€p.p.
excl. 20% VAT.
 Vienne Homepage
 30-200 Persons
 2:00 Hour(s)

Overview of our services for you

  • Rough conception of the reactions
  • Complete material preparations
  • Providing the material
  • Support by experienced team guides
  • Presentation of the event
  • Picture documentation and password-protected online gallery
  • Certificates for all participants

Further information

  • Prices can change depending on scope, location and number of participants

Additional costs

  • depending on location and effort

Logistics costs

  • from 150 € plus 19 % VAT
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