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Team Event Bielefeld

Many interesting places in Bielefeld entice companies to organise a team event here. Located in the Ravensberg Hills and bordering on the Teutoburg Forrest, Bielefeld is ideal for any kind of outdoor event. But also team activities directly in the city do not disappoint. During an exciting city rally, for example, your team has to solve different tasks, while discovering and admiring beautiful churches, important sights and historic buildings. That way, you get to know city and your colleagues from a whole new perspective. 

Team events in and around Bielefeld

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Radio Certificate – UBI
Training and examination for FM-broadcasting certificate for inland navigation radio (UBI) What does the FM-broadcasting certificate for inland navigation radio (UBI) authorise y...
From 120,- €p.p.
Sport Boat License (Inland) – SBF Sailing
Training and examination for sport boat license inland sailing Improve your sailing skills and learn how to sail better and safer. Absolve the officially recognised sailing lic...
From 399,- €p.p.
Radio Certificate – SRC (Short Range Certificate)
Training and examination for Short Range Certificate The FM-broadcasting certificate. Short Range Certificate (SRC), authorises operating FM marine radio stations and radio stati...
From 199,- €p.p.
Druck auf Mitarbeiter
Anti-Burnout Seminar (Inhouse): “Stress Resilience and Regenerating Competence”
Why do some people keep their inner peace and balance even during heavy exhaustion and a lot of pressure? What enables some people to overcome tragedies and the most difficult situation...
From 450,- €p.p.
ein radschalgender Mensch
Inhouse Seminar: Leadership Role – Health
Managers and executives in training have to contribute decisively to burnout-prevention within a company. On the one hand, they have to recognise stress-related and mental conditions of...
From 350,- €p.p.
Spotrace® with Sailboats
The Teamgeist-Spotrace® combines team sailing and a digital scavenger hunt (tabtour.com®), making this an innovative strategy event. After a short briefing of boat and technology, the c...
From 89,- €p.p.
Basic License Surfing (VDWS)
Learning to surf – Weekend course Experience tons of fun on the water and let yourself get carried away by the waves. After 16 hours of theoretical and practical training, you can safe...
From 149,- €p.p.
Sport Boat License Sea – SBF Sea
Training and examination for sport boat license sea You want to conquer the vast sea? Then complete our professional training for the sport boat license sea. Learn about naviga...
From 299,- €p.p.
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