Basic License Surfing (VDWS)


Basic License Surfing (VDWS)

Learning to surf – Weekend course

Experience tons of fun on the water and let yourself get carried away by the waves. After 16 hours of theoretical and practical training, you can safely master the water with your surfboard. You can complete the course with the basic license surfing of the VDWS.

Event details:

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Overview of our services for you

  • Learning to surf – weekend course

Further information


  • no prior knowledge required
  • basic course: 16 hours
  • minimum age: 12 years

Course of training

  • The course (2 days) begins Saturday at 09:00. After a two hour introduction on land, you set sail and practice the first manoeuvres on the water. Step by step, you learn the basics of skiff sailing on both days.


  • August 1& 2, 2015, in Blossin
  • We can also organise private courses on your desired date. Simply contact us.

Costs and fees

  • complete theoretical and practical training: 149 Euros per person
  • basic license examination
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