Outdoor Event

Spending time in nature or on water, being active together instead of sitting inside all day – this is a resolution that more and more people take to heart when selecting an activity.

Special outdoor events boost team work and communication. Outdoor activities offer you and your team a fantastic and thrilling opportunity to get to know each other aside from the daily job, while experiencing new moments together.

An adventure with a team raft or a sail boat gives everyone a chance to escape from everyday life for a moment. The fresh air and beautiful scenery let you take your mind off things and you can finally gather new strength and energy.

Bavarian Winter Olympics
Bridge Building
GPS-Outdoor Rally
Bavarian Winter OlympicsBayerische-Winterolympiade-bayrische-winterolympiade-1.jpgBavarian Winter Olympics
Bridge Buildingteam auf der BrückeBridge Building
GPS-Outdoor Rallyteamevent geo challengeGPS-Outdoor Rally

Outdoor events in Germany and worldwide in more than 250 cities

72 Results
  • 20-100 Participants
  • 2:00 Hour(s)

And suddenly everything is quiet and everone is concentrated. Close your eyes again, take a deep breath, open your eyes and...shoot! The arrow flies towards the target with incredible s...

From29,- per personp.p.
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GPS Rallye GPS-Gerät
GPS – City Rally
  • 20-1000 Participants
  • 2 Hour(s)

Explore and discover the city jungle, the hidden corners and secret treasures of the city. Equipped with roadbook, GPS devices and a city map, you and your colleagues solve tricky riddl...

From59,- per personp.p.
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Team Challenge
Team Challenge
  • 20-1000 Participants
  • 2:00 Hour(s)

The team challenge is without a doubt one of the classics among the team events. Rightly so – the team challenge offers you and your colleagues flexibility at its best, a lot of variety...

From29,- per personp.p.
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Zwei Paar Hände bauen ein Netz
Team Web
  • 20-500 Participants
  • 2:00 Hour(s)

With a couple of ropes, strings and a few useful knots, you and your colleagues tie together a stable team web. Strong metaphors such as a “functioning network”, “international networki...

From39,- per personp.p.
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maenner halten bierkruege
Highland Games
  • 25-500 Participants
  • 1 Hour(s)

Your summer celebration, corporate retreat or team event in the open air Conquer your very own world and bring honor to your kingdom! Whether beer mug lifting, barrel rolling ...

Price on request
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mann benutzt ein selbstgebautes katapult
Catapult Building
  • 25-50 Participants
  • 1:30 Hour(s)

Building a usable catapult with limited resources and an ambitioned time limit – a really tricky task. The teams work with different materials (wooden battens, rods, strainer etc.) in o...

From39,- per personp.p.
To the event
Raft Building Event
  • 20-1000 Participants
  • 3:00 Hour(s)

All beginnings are difficult. But once you get going, things turn around and you make progress. Because in the end, even the at first sight long path ahead of you consists of small, ind...

From59,- per personp.p.
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tabtour - the digital scavenger hunt
  • 20-100 Participants
  • 2:00 Hour(s)

Geocaching is old news: Equipped with the newest iPads, modern software (and depending on the event design, additional equipment), your teams are off on a action-packed and eventful dig...

From69,- per personp.p.
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Graffiti Workshop
  • 15-200 Participants
  • 1:30 Hour(s)

Street art on the canvas How about a truly unique art event? During the graffiti workshop, the teams receive canvases, spraying cans and protective gear. The teams are then tasked ...

From49,- per personp.p.
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If you want employees of a company to stay motivated, active and physically as well as mentally fit despite challenging work hours, teamgeist can help you out. Together with us you and your team can participate in a truly unique and individually planned event. During such a team event, your staff grows and moves closer together through shared experiences. Additionally, such an activity lets your employees socialise, form new bonds and expand on existing relationships away from the tense office or work atmosphere.

A teamgeist event does not only offer an exciting and eventful day for you and your staff, but it also has a posivite effect on your everyday work life and on the harmonoious relationships within your company.

Getting to know each other better during one of our team building events is not only a lot of fun, but it also leads to mutual appreciation, trust and understanding among your colleagues. Those are qualities that can help in accomplishing upcoming tasks or projects, but they can also improve the general working climate at the office.

Which of the more than 50 ideas for a team building event you pick, is completely up to you. You can, however, always contact us and together we will find the perfect option for your team. In the following, we would like to present you with some suggestions for events in the outdoors, since our event repertoire does not only include indoor events, but also events on the water or in nature.

Our events range from adventurous high-tech tours such as the “TabTrophy” all the way to the relaxing playhouse building event for a good cause. If your staff is more into physically challenging tasks, you and your team can demonstrate your talent and skills during sporty events such as cross golf, many exciting city or outdoor challenges, or the classical archery event.

During an archery event, for example, your staff can demonstrate valuable characteristics such as accuracy, inner peace and precision through concentration and coordination. Can you shoot the arrow straight into the bullseye? Maybe there is a secret Robin Hood among your employees?

Teamgeist also has a lot of options for the creative minds and brainiacs among your staff, for example an exciting soapbox grand prix that takes you right back to your childhood. With the help of our teamgeist soapbox construction sets, you and your team build your own vehicle from scratch and beat the competition in an action-packed downhill race on the racetrack.

Occasional motivational boosts and activities away from the day-to-day work are of great importance for the mood and atmosphere at your company as well as for your staff and yourself.

We are here for you: Consultation, Planing, Execution - everything under one roof.

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