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tabtour - The Digital Scavenger Hunt Stuttgart

tabtour - The Digital Scavenger Hunt Stuttgart

tabtour - The Digital Scavenger Hunt Stuttgart

What is the exact height of the telecommunications tower Fernsehturm in Suttgart? When was the church Stiftskirche built or how many people stroll through Stuttgart’s Königstraße per hour on a Saturday? These are only a few questions that might have to be answered during your tabtour in Stuttgart. Plan your route through Baden Wuerttemberg’s capital, solve as many riddles as possible and lift the team spirit among your employees. Equipped with tablet and other technical features you will start your hunt for points which you can collect at various sights of the city (the so-called tabspots). With a lot of team work, ideas and creative solutions you will quickly complete your chosen tasks of this digital treasure hunt. During team building games which can only be successfully mastered with cooperation, you can sharpen your senses and keep raising your score! The team managing to win the most points in the end will be the winning team of this tabtour! This team success as well as the common experience has, of course, to be celebrated, like for example with a delicious glass of Trollinger wine and a typical Gaisburger Marsch in one of the many restaurants in Stuttgart.

Your corporate tabtour

We are happy to create your individual corporate tabtour with a branding of the tabtour software and many questions about your company. In doing so, this enhanced version of geocaching will be even more exciting for you and your team!

Event details:

2:00 Hour(s)
Period: All Season
Sandra Renner
From 59,-€p.p.
excl. 19% VAT.
 15-1000 Persons
 2:00 Hour(s)

Unsere Leistungen für Sie im Überblick

  • Individual consultation and creating an event concept
  • Organisation and realisation of the event
  • Team equipment: Tablet, GPS device, map, emergency card
  • TABMAP – tour manual, GPS manual, tab manual
  • Adapting the corporate branding
  • Rain poncho for all participants
  • Tabtour operator with internet access
  • Presentation and organizational team on site
  • Using the tabtour software
  • Prices can change depending on scope, location and number of participants

Additional costs

  • depending on location and effort

Logistics costs

  • from 150 € plus 19 % VAT
Sandra Renner

Your contact:
Sandra Renner


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