remote tab tour

  • Nationwide
  • 15-2500 Persons
  • ab 1 Hour(s)
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You are welcome to try out whether a remote event is the right event format for you in an individual free test event. We will organize this for you - even at short notice. Just ask us for more information.

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Our event Tabtour is now also playable as a remote version from home or office. The remote teams play together for the common team success despite spatial separation. The team members communicate with each other via video conference tools and the Remote tabtour® application. Through a charming and witty welcome and briefing by our moderator, the visitors are prepared for the event in the large group room of a video conferencing tool and then divided into smaller teams and sent to the appropriate team rooms. There, each participant uses his/her own PC/laptop as a communication medium for collaborative voting and puzzling with the other team members. The participants have access to our individually created and programmed puzzles and tasks via the tabtour® application installed on the smartphone in advance. A wide variety of challenges await the participants, such as numerous puzzles, team, quiz, photo and video tasks which are solved together as a team. The team moves virtually through a city or across the entire continent. The virtual environment of the conference is consciously integrated into the task definition. Thus, despite the distance, a noticeable togetherness and connection of the team members is created! Afterwards, all teams meet again in the large moderation room, where a short slide show of the submitted pictures is waiting. The exciting part continues with our award ceremony via bar chart, which gradually reveals which team made the best use of the time available.

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 15-2500 Persons
 ab 1 Hour(s)


- Provision and preparation of a large group room and one room per team based on a common video conferencing tool, such as Zoom

- Invitation management to the rooms as well as preparatory instructions for downloading the tabtour® application

- If desired: Individual tasks around the operation

- Moderation of the event and event management

- Supervision and support of the event by other experienced Team Spirit guides

- Team size from 5-7 persons

- Individually selectable playing time between 90 and 150 minutes including briefing and final award ceremony

- Exciting and funny award ceremony with highscore view


- Time for chat: Team room can remain open for another half hour after the event.

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