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Sebastian Heinrich
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Nowadays, company celebrations, corporate events or interesting conferences have become routine for most businesses. Such events do not only reward employees for their work. Moreover, a specially developed supporting programme of side events can deliberately improve communication and cooperation among colleagues. This also has a positive effect on productivity and atmosphere at your work place. Teamgeist offers a variety of team activities as side events that challenge, encourage and entertain your staff. With more than 30 years of experience in the corporate event sector, teamgeist sees itself as your partner in all phases of the event: consultation, organization, execution and follow-up work. From smaller individual groups and multiple teams to large groups with up to 1000 participants. With our expertise we can develop a customized supporting programme for your needs. Our experienced team guides will oversee the teams and guide them through the activities: whether building a bridge from scratch or creating a unique piece of art at our team painting event, whether hotel golf tournaments or city rallies and nightly archery – the choice is yours from the seemingly endless pool of activities and opportunities.

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Sebastian Heinrich

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Sebastian Heinrich


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