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Teamgeist team activities challenge and encourage your employees. In places, where a lot of colleagues work together, conflict between individuals or even groups can sometimes be inevitable. Such conflicts hinder the productive work flow. In order to prevent such interpersonal challenges, staff events can work true wonders in strengthening the sense of unity and solidarity among co-workers. You can choose from more than 30 different team activities. The resulting new team dynamic has a positive influence on upcoming projects and improves the cooperative skills of every employee. How about a tabtour:, the ultimate scavenger hunt in the 21st century, during which iPads with a special TABSOFT® software are used. Or how about raft building: with different materials at hand, the team is tasked with building a stable and floatable raft from scratch. Or, together your colleagues create a team net with a lot of individual ropes and ties. Or let your colleagues create a team painting together, a unique work of art. All team activities turn colleagues into allies and friends, awaken the team’s ambition and make an unforgettable experience possible.

Team activities in Germany and worldwide in more than 250 cities

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Spotrace® with Sailboats
The Teamgeist-Spotrace® combines team sailing and a digital scavenger hunt (®), making this an innovative strategy event. After a short briefing of boat and technology, the c...
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