Remote juggling workshop

  • Nationwide
  • 15-2500 Persons
  • 1 Hour(s)
From29,-p.p.excl. 19% VAT.

You are welcome to try out whether a remote event is the right event format for you in an individual free test event. We will organize this for you - even at short notice. Just ask us for more information.

Event requests

Many people have tried juggling - often unsuccessfully. With the support of our expert Hannes Kannes, participants playfully learn how to juggle with three balls. How do you achieve big goals? Break them down into small bites and proceed step by step! That's why we start with just one ball, then add the second and third, until at the end each participant can celebrate his or her personal sense of achievement with juggling with three balls!

And this can also be done digitally for your remote employees in the home office or at any location. 

Experience the "flow" - even remotely

When juggling, you can experience the much-cited "flow" - the complete absorption in your own activity. This experience is intensified by the feeling of community in the group despite the physical distance. Relaxed concentration and, if necessary, competition with colleagues - this is how a sense of "we" is created through a remote event. Be curious to see what great (juggling) talents are slumbering in your team!

We design the remote event according to your individual wishes. Professional moderation and guidance as well as good humour are included. If you wish, we can send juggling balls home to your employees. Depending on the effort and degree of individualisation, possible additional costs may arise. 

For the optional shipment of three juggling balls per participant, there will be an additional charge of 5 euros net. The juggling balls remain with the participants after the event so that they can practise afterwards. 

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 15-2500 Persons
 1 Hour(s)
Sebastian HeinrichPersonal consultationSebastian Heinrich

Have we aroused your interest? Or do you have further questions?

Then call me or send me your request. I will gladly help you with any questions.


  • Provision and preparation of a large group room on the basis of a common video conferencing tool, such as Zoom
  • Invitation management of the participants to the team room
  • Moderation and management of the event by the very experienced juggler Hannes Kannes
  • Supervision and support of the event by other experienced team spirit guides, if required due to the size of the group
  • Event time of about 30 - 60 minutes (easily customizable)
  • Exciting and funny increase of the level of difficulty
  • Aspired goal short juggling with 3 balls
  • Show Off: Hannes shows what is still possible


Juggling balls can be sent to the participants for an extra charge 

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