Hybrid Team Event: Film Shooting Festival

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  • 15-2500 Persons
  • ab 1 Hour(s)
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Hybrid event formats - creative, digital and team-building

Ready for Hollywood?

When it's "And the Oscar goes to", your team will have had an eventful day. You will be impressed at how differently the individual teams implement the motto we have given them in their acting and filming.
Do you possibly have film stars and starlets among your colleagues, without even suspecting it?! Within the work of our short film festival, we will get everything out of you and bring out the best in your acting!

The idea is just the beginning

We welcome you and your team to a unique team event - your film festival! In this case, completely customised and as a half-remote version, because you won't all be in your home offices, but you won't all be together at one location. 

Your staff will first meet in a large virtual conference room. The participants of the face-to-face event will be connected to this room. After a short briefing and division of the groups, the participants go to their team room in groups of 4-5 participants and work out a short film concept there. If you already have concrete conference topics that can be included. 

When staff members become film stars...

Within the team, one of the tasks is to develop a storyboard for which each team member takes on a role as actor, director or dramaturge. The special challenge is to arrange the composition of the screens on the screen or on location in such a way that a part of the story is told in each window, or to create meaningful transitions between individual film sequences. In this way, team members come together online and offline! Directing instructions and thought-provoking impulses from the teamgeist facilitators ensure a fun dynamic! In a grand finale in the common room, the finished films are presented and rated in the online voting. 

The grand finale of a hybrid team event

The individual film contributions of the teams should be between 60 and 90 seconds in total. After filming, the films are edited before the presentation of the artworks in the common virtual group room. The highlight of the event is the festive online Oscar ceremony, where the entries are awarded prizes in a wide range of categories. Get your Oscar now! 

Of course, other event conclusions are also conceivable. For example, if there are analogue groups in addition to the remote teams, it is also possible to present the final on a screen and connect the different teams. 

Since the implementation of hybrid events can have very different characteristics and a high degree of complexity, the expenses can only be defined more precisely with the conception. Through individual technical and logistical solutions, the prices are calculated exactly according to your needs in order to implement a successful hybrid event for your employees.

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 15-2500 Persons
 ab 1 Hour(s)

Our services

  • Provision and preparation of a large group room for joint briefing and final presentation of the videos on the basis of a common video conferencing tool, such as MS Teams or Zoom.
  • Invitation management, provision of the link with access to the virtual room
  • Moderation and management of the event by an experienced event manager
  • Supervision and support of the event by other experienced teamgeist guides
  • Individual motto definition based on the kick-off event
  • Play time should be about 180 minutes
  • Exciting final presentations incl. award ceremony

Optional services:

  • Possible postal provision of all necessary materials, such as iPads incl. pre-installed software, disguise props, director's hatches, clipboards etc. for the teams.
  • Winning prize
  • Snapshots of the day
  • Certificates for each participant
  • Integration of company-specific content

Possible additional costs: 

  • Individual customer requirements
  • Postage


  • German
  • English
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