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Digitization - with Teamgeist into the new age

Cooperative Digital Experience - See digitization as a chance

Welcome to the age of digitization. Company 2.0: That means faster processes, seamless transparency and, sometimes, a decline in personal contacts. The digitization changes the working world at all levels. For many employees, this can have unpleasant and inconvenient consequences. There are worries of not being able to keep up and fears of no longer being needed. Some staff members may feel "transparent", constantly under surveillance, sensing a slow collapse of individuality and personal interaction within the company. These are some of the downsides of digitization, which can lead to demotivation, insecurity and disorientation among employees.

Make digitization come alive in a positive way

About time for a collective experience at the digital level. An experience that restores trust and confidence of the staff, resolves fear of contacts, and demonstrates the positive aspects of digitization. Because digitization means much more than just "total control", a faster pace and more workload. During our "Digital Events", your employees experience how communicative, enriching, rewarding and uniting a virtual platform can be, if it is applied the right way.

Our way, your employees can experience first hand how the digitization as collective adventure broadens one's horizon and how digitization opens up new worlds communicatively and emotionally. Together with the entire team, staff members can find out how important and enriching it is to be a part of the digitization projects in the company.

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Digital Experience – Your benefits at a glance:

  • Digitization as group experience
  • Promoting understanding of digital processes
  • Resolving fears and prejudices towards digital processes
  • Creating awareness that people are needed in digitization
  • Strengthening the sense of togetherness through digital processes
  • Advancing the digital abilities of the staff in a playful way
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Digitization is a term that dominates company discussions, strategies and plans like no other. Large-scale support and funding programmes by federal and regional governments demonstrate that digitization has also arrived in the middle class and in small and medium sized businesses. Companies that completely shut off when it comes to digitization will soon face enormous difficulties. Make use of a digital team experience with Teamgeist in order to inspire your staff and get employees excited about the digitization in your company! 

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Download the success story of our digital event for Sixt here.

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