Teamgeist Xmas Challenge (outdoor)

Team Xmas

Teamgeist Xmas Challenge (outdoor)

Enjoy a wintery or Christmas-like atmosphere and try out our various extraordinary games and sports such as Christmas tree tossing or team skiing. This adventurous event is very variable and can be suited to your needs and wishes. Fun is priority number one as you and your team mates try to overcome the challenges, creating a whole new working environment at your workplace.  Depending on time and location you can put together the perfect team event and choose from more than 20 modules and games. Have you ever tried ice sheet running, tree tossing or Christmas tree building? There are no limits to your imagination and fun!

Event details:

1 Hour(s)
From 29,-€p.p.
excl. 19% VAT.
 10-200 Persons
 1 Hour(s)

Overview of our services for you

  • Complete equipment for individual modules
  • Contest and tournament at all stations
  • 3 modules (select 3 out of 4): team skiing, Christmas tree tossing, Christmas tree building, ice sheet running
  • Moderation of the event and event management on site
  • Guidance and supervision by experienced team guides
  • Independent of weather – rain ponchos for all participants
  • Photo documentation and protected online gallery
  • Teamgeist certificates for all participants

Further information

Additional costs

  • depending on event location and effort
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