teamgeist Success Story: Teamchallenge TikTok Summergames


Client: TikTok Germany GmbH

Event: Teamchallenge TikTok Summergames

Event date: June 2023

Participiants: 150 Persons

Initial situation

The social media platform TikTok Germany GmbH, based in Berlin, was looking for a suitable team event to kick off a joint summer party. The aim was to design an event that would suit different locations and departments, including those that work remotely in some cases. It was important to emphasise team-building and competitive aspects. The primary purpose of the planned event was to strengthen employee networking, to intensify the feeling of togetherness and to do so in an atmosphere characterised above all by action, joy and enthusiasm. To achieve this, colleagues from different areas were to be brought together in different teams. The team event should give them the opportunity to achieve goals together in new constellations and potentially make new connections within the organisation.

The team members of TikTok Germany GmbH are on average 30 years old and usually active in sports. TikTok wanted an active and dynamic event format that did not allow for idle time and continuously involved the participants. The programme needed to include a variety of challenges that would stimulate competitive spirit and encourage engagement. For the international workforce, moderation in English was an important requirement.

The team event was to be an energetic kick-off that not only focused on the collective feeling of togetherness, but also directly contributed to "breaking the ice" more quickly in order to experience an unforgettable summer party together.

In an exchange with Teamgeist GmbH Hauptstadtregion, it quickly became clear that a team challenge on the water and on land would offer optimal conditions. This was the basis for the concept of the TikTok Summergames.


After a warm welcome by our teamgeist event manager and an introduction to the team event TikTok Summergames, the participants were divided into smaller groups. In total, 12 dynamic teams full of young people formed, whose enthusiasm for the upcoming event was immediately noticeable.

The programme included a wide variety of tasks in which all team members could contribute their individual talents and skills and had to cooperate intensively in order to bring their own team to the best possible result in the individual modules. The teams started in four different challenges, which were prepared both on land and on the water. Here, three dragon boats were ready and waiting. Each group had 45 minutes to complete the tasks at the respective stations.

The four challenges of the TikTok Summergames

1. Tower building 

Motto: TikTok Bytestyle – Always Day 1 

Duration: 45 minutes 

  • Build a tower with the letters GBS RULES on each block
  • Half of the participants were blindfolded
  • Individual blocks had to be put in the right order
  • Special challenge: The participants were not allowed to say the (target) sentence GBS Rules

2. Floating Island

TikTok Bytestyle – Be Candid and Clear 

Duration: 20 minutes 

  • Floating island with storytelling
  • The participants have to cross the river together to reach their goal
  • If the bottom is touched, the challenge has to be started again
  • The time was also measured

3. Pipeline

TikTok Bytestyle – Be Courageous and Aim for the Highest 

Duration: 20 minutes 

  • Pipeline with storytelling 
  • At this station, good coordination, dexterity and speed were required to bring a ball to the finish line together with the help of a pipeline
  • The ball represents customers being led to TikTok Success
  • When the ball hits the ground, the challenge had to be started again
  • Here, too, the time was measured

4. Dragonboat

TikTok Bytestyle – Grow Together 

Duration: 45 Minuten 

  • To start with, a trial paddle to familiarise yourself with the paddles and boat
  • Then a race with timing
  • After the "Ready, Attention - Go!" the race started over a distance of 150m
  • The teams had to paddle in unison and with power in order to cross the finish line as quickly as possible

In addition, the teams collected bonus points with recordings of the event, from which a TikTok corporate video was created in the end. The participiants had an exciting competition at the TikTok Summergames, which was accompanied by a lot of humour among the teams. At the award ceremony, there was cheering and celebration for the winning team. 

Reasons for an individual team challenge 

  • With over 100 possible modules, the team challenge is very versatile and can be used individually
  • Particularly suitable for large groups
  • The event format can be optimally adapted to the environment of the desired location
  • The content of the modules can be individually tailored to the goals of the team event
  • The Tabchallenge offers the necessary flexibility to integrate the team event into a company celebration


The TikTok Summergames team challenge was great fun for the participants and created new connections within the company. While solving the individual tasks, the individual team members immediately came into uncomplicated contact, which also promoted communication in the course of the team challenge and strengthened the feeling of togetherness. 

What an energetic team event on land and water! With the versatile tasks and stations of the TikTok Summergames, we were able to bring the individual team members into playful exchange and the joint competition motivated the individual small teams to really put their backs into it together. We were able to break the ice right away and create a special experience together with our client," says Event Manager Adam Eager, Teamgeist GmbH Berlin und Brandenburg. 

The groups were highly motivated and enthusiastic about the various tasks. This generally led to a positive group dynamic with a sporty competitive mood and good humour. The ideal prelude to the subsequent joint summer party. A team experience that strengthened the feeling of togetherness across departments and will remain in positive memory. 


"We stand for dynamism and were looking for a professional cooperation partner to set up an active team event as a prelude to our summer party with lots of fun and action. teamgeist convinced us with an individual offer for the TikTok Summergames. We particularly liked the uncomplicated coordination in the planning phase and combination of challenges on land and on water, which provided a lot of variety. With the team event, many team members were able to exchange ideas and get to know each other in a playful way. The fun activities were enjoyed by everyone and made for a very memorable experience for all of us." 

Christina Toal, Brand Partnerships Lead TikTok GmbH


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