Complete solution for interactive virtual meetings

Complete solution for interactive virtual meetings

Complete solution for interactive virtual meetings

Not only since the days of Corona have meetings been remote and had to solve a variety of challenges.Technology plays a decisive role here, as do the methods of communicating or jointly developing the planned content. Virtual meetings in particular require sound and detailed organisation. Teamgeist offers you a complete solution. Benefit from our decades of experience in the field of team building and organisation as well as implementation of team events - both analogue and digital.

What does our "complete solution for interactive virtual meetings" include?

Our modular package includes organisation, content-related and technical components for your meeting

  • -sustainability and is resource-saving
  • -Reduces travel
  • Innovate and interactive due to adaptable communication technology

The three building blocks of our complete package for your digital meetings:

  1. Meeting management
  2. Technical infrastructure
  3. Programme provider

Meeting management

  • Supervision of the event
    Development of a dramaturgical flow/staging of the event
  • Moderation, conference management 
    Co-moderation, conference management, control of interactions (e.g. chat), time management
  • Invitation management 
    Handling of access data (incl. breakout rooms for workshops and working groups) 
  • Materials dispatch 
    Dispatch of conference documents by e-mail or as download

Technical infrastructure

With our multifunctional communication tool "" we ensure high meeting quality and enthusiasm of the participants.

  • a platform for interactive online workshops and remote events
  • suitable for high numbers of participants up to 2,000
  • participants can network with each other or work together in small teams in breakout rooms
  • integration of videos and presentations
  • integration of external programmes incl. remote control
  • Remote control
  • can be customised according your company (e.g. colours and logo)
  • supports agile work processes (keyword: New Work, Remote Work)

Of course we also have sound experience with tools such as MS Teams, Zoom, Skype or Webex and technical know-how always up to date. Depending on your wishes and requirements, we can therefore recommend the optimal tool and implement your virtual meeting accordingly. 

Program provider

With us, you can draw on almost 30 years of experience in the field of team building and team events! And with it a very, very large portfolio of event modules and teambuilding measures. 

We divide our programme offerings into three areas: Communication, Interaction and Gaming. 

We would be happy to advise you specifically on your wishes, goals and challenges as to which event module is best suited. Or you can choose from our tried-and-tested teamgeist event formats, for example from the area of communication: Remote Impulse Response, Online Speed Dating, Global Remote tabtour® or from the area of interaction: Remote Team Parcours, Remote Film Shooting Festival or a happini event (area of health) or

or focusing on gaming: The Aurora Legacy, Criminal Mastermind or an Online Team Quiz.

Professional events for more WE feeling

teamgeist events are basically characterised by a high level of professionalism, interactivity, more we-feeling and fun. A teamgeist remote event is always optimally prepared, well customisable and interactive. We bring all participants together virtually - across locations and continents. Content can be developed or conveyed in a playful way where real longlasting team building can be realised.

Event details:

ab 2 Hour(s)
Sebastian Heinrich
Price on request
excl. 19% VAT.
 15-2500 Persons
 ab 2 Hour(s)
Sebastian Heinrich

Your contact:
Sebastian Heinrich


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