Soapbox Grand Prix Vienna

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  • 15-500 Persons
  • 2:00 Hour(s)
  • PeriodMarch to October
From49,-p.p.excl. 20% VAT.
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Ex Aequo

The same score? The same race time? The probability of an ex aequo – a tie – at your Soapbox Grand Prix in and around Vienna is quite unlikely since on team will surely have the edge on the other teams. The sense of togetherness, however, will be the same among all teams, since this will keep on growing during the whole team event and finally reach a whole new level! From the beginning a wanton mood can be felt in every pit stop and this will even be increased by building your own soapbox. Everybody can bring in the own talents: the tinkerers take care of the concept, the do-it-yourselfers of the construction itself and the artists of your team will decorate the box and the team flag. After your vehicle has passed the MOT test, the black and white flag will be waved and every team will put the pedal to the metal – adhering to all rules of course. No matter who will be in first place after this soapbox race, your team spirit will surely be ex aequo! Celebrate this team day afterwards with Viennese specialties and raise your glasses of champagne to your outstanding performance – you will be spared the champagne shower this time!

The company grows

And it will grow in two senses: the motivation of all participants will surely grow after this event just as your company’s vehicle fleet when you take all of your soapboxes with you and find a nice spot for them in your company!

 Vienne Homepage
 15-500 Persons
 2:00 Hour(s)

Overview of our services for you

  • Individual consultation and creation of your event concept
  • Organisation and realisation of the event
  • Assembly kits and tools for the soapbox construction
  • Support by professional team guides
  • Material to design the flag (cloth, pens)
  • 1 race driver overall / team and decoration material
  • Marking for start, finish and lanes as well as finishing flag
  • Safety equipment for the driver (helmet, elbow and knee protectors)
  • Award ceremony
  • Regardless of weather conditions – rain ponchos for all participants
  • Picture documentation and password-protected online gallery
  • Certificates for all participants

Further information

  • Prices can change depending on scope, location and number of participants

Additional costs

  • depending on location and effort
  • 190 € plus 19 % VAT per assembly kit

Logistics costs

  • from 150 € plus 19 % VAT
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