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Remote Juggling Workshop as Online Kick Off Event

Online Kick Off

Remote Juggling Workshop as Online Kick Off Event

New year, new goals, new challenges! Take a playful approach in 2022. Our professional juggler Hannes Kannes will support you and your team. How do you achieve big goals? Sure, break them down into small bites and proceed step by step. This becomes wonderfully tangible with juggling - first 1 ball, then 2, then 3. Set priorities! Juggling with three balls is also a suitable analogy for this: At first, the focus is only on throwing - catching then comes (almost) by itself.

Juggling as a motivating remote team event

Setting milestones: in 6 clearly defined steps, participants learn how to juggle three balls - and are often amazed at their own abilities at the end of the workshop! Allow mistakes. The first and most important rule in juggling is "Dropping means progress!" The way to success is through mistakes. Not making mistakes means standing still. You and your team will playfully experience success in our remote juggling workshop and will be inspired and motivated by the parallels to (business) life!

We design the remote event according to your individual wishes. Professional moderation and guidance as well as good humour are included. On request, we send juggling balls to your employees' homes. Depending on the effort and degree of individualisation, possible additional costs may arise.;

For the optional shipment of three juggling balls per participant, there will be an additional cost of 5 euros net. The juggling balls remain with the participants after the event, so that they can also practice afterwards.

Event details:

1 Hour(s)
Sebastian Heinrich
From 29,-€p.p.
excl. 19% VAT.
 15-2500 Persons
 1 Hour(s)
Sebastian Heinrich

Your contact:
Sebastian Heinrich

Services at a glance

  • Provision and preparation of a large group room based on a common video conferencing tool, such as Zoom
  • Invitation management of the participants to the team room
  • Moderation and management of the event by the very experienced juggler Hannes Kannes
  • Supervision and support of the event by other experienced Teamgeist guides
  • Event time of about 30 - 60 minutes (easily customisable)
  • Exciting and funny increase of the level of difficulty
  • Aimed goal: short juggling

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