Executive and Manager Training, Leadership, Team Building

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Executive and Manager Training, Leadership, Team Building

Training & Coaching: For leaders that enjoy every storm

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2 Hour(s)
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 1-14 Persons
 2 Hour(s)

Overview of our services for you

  • Thinking systematically – directing and keeping your eye on the whole, recognising dependencies, relations and influences, deriving the correct actions and taking responsibility
  • Becoming visionary and implementing necessary changes “correctly”
  • Setting goals – agreeing and controlling
  • Lead situatively – lead along the development status of the staff with regard to the task to be completed
  • Developing and living a good leading culture/team culture
  • Motivation and top performances through role- and task clarification and assignment
  • Delegating correctly and challenging employees without demanding too much or too little
  • Communicating in an inspiring way, persuading others of your ideas
  • Finding and applying courage for tough decisions
  • Leading oneself with regard to achieving one’s own goals and learning how to deal with resources

Further information


  • Personality analysis with insights MDI incl. individual development planning
  • Team analysis with the Team Management Systems for the development of high performance teams incl. individual development planning
  • Traincentive-alternative: integration of traincentive and event elements
  • More coaches for larger groups
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