Global Hybrid tabtour®

  • Nationwide
  • 20-1000 Persons
  • 2:00 Hour(s)
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Connect your employees virtually and personally via the home office as well as across regional locations and national borders!

The perfect combination between an online team event and personal participation in teams at different locations in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

The teamgeist Global Hybrid tabtour® effectively combines the interaction between locations, on-site teams and remote employees. We actively involve all participants through specially developed stories and provide bonding experiences – pure teambuilding for a greater sense of unity. You decide how many participants work in teams on site, in different locations and countries or remotely in the home office for the team's success. 

Participants are connected via our app or web app as well as through video calls via the online platform of your choice.

The right team event for every situation at several locations at the same time

Go on a journey of discovery through the different cultures and cities. A mix of strategy and puzzle tasks, challenging team interactions as well as integration of your topics let your participants get their money's worth. Fun, variety and teamwork without limits are pre-programmed.
The contents and tasks can be individually adapted to your topics and ideas. You can carry out short and entertaining activities or include task designs with which more in-depth learning results can be achieved.

Experiencing new team experiences in the working world 4.0

During the active game time, the mixed remote and site teams complete sophisticated team, quiz, video and photo tasks virtually around the world and on site at their respective locations. 

The additional pressure of limited time and resources makes for a very exciting team and learning experience. Along the way, yet intensively, the sense of togetherness is fostered. Our hybrid teambuilding trainers and professional facilitators will be there for you online and on site to guide the activities and to conduct a spectacular award ceremony and/or structured debriefing with all participants at the end and, if desired, to make valuable insights visible together with your team with a professional reflection. 

Possible procedure BEFORE the Hybrid Event

✓ Team allocation at random via a teamgeist draw or at the customer's request
✓ Communication of the team composition to the participants & forwarding of contacts
✓ Possible small homework assignments to the participants to loosen them up
✓ Getting the teams together in the virtual breakout rooms and on site in the location teams
✓ Finding a team name & assigning roles in the team
✓ Communicating the tabtour® software incl. download instructions
✓ Communicating the necessary technology, rules & the agenda incl. written technical briefing

Possible sequence of the hybrid event itself

✓ Welcome & introduction of the moderator & the operator team as well as the procedure.
✓ Repeated short introduction to the technique
✓ Formulation of the objective and the task
✓ Team finding in virtual breakout rooms and in the local teams on site
✓ Start of the Global Hybrid tabtour®
✓ Completion of tasks (photo, video, text, multiple choice) and active team challenges
✓ Teams meet in the remote office and in the locations via video conference and chat
✓ Get-together with cool drinks
✓ Impressions of the Global Hybrid tabtour®
✓ Show-down with emotional award ceremony
✓ Summary and farewell

Possible procedure AFTER the Hybrid Event

✓ Provision of the videos & photos
✓ Provision of the company-specific results
✓ Dispatch or presentation of winners' gifts or give-aways, if desired

We determine the duration of the entire process and the event itself together with you. We can respond to your individual wishes on (almost) all points.

Since the implementation of hybrid events can have very different characteristics and a high degree of complexity, the expenses can only be defined more precisely with the conception. Through individual technical and logistical solutions, the prices are calculated exactly according to your needs in order to implement a successful hybrid event for your employees.

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 20-1000 Persons
 2:00 Hour(s)

Our services for you at a glance

  • Individual consultation and creation of your event concept
  • Organisation of the event and handling on site(s) or in the digital space
  • Professional support by facilitator, game leader, trainer and organisational team
  • Team equipment: (iPad, GPS device) and map if applicable, as well as other equipment if necessary 
  • TABMAP - Tour Manual, GPS Manual, Tab Manual
  • Individual app design through adaptation to the client's branding
  • Rain ponchos for all participants
  • tabtour® Operator with internet access
  • Use of tabtour® software
  • Moderator and organisational team on site
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