Escape Game "The Secret of the 13" as Hybrid Event

Escape Game

Escape Game "The Secret of the 13" as Hybrid Event

Escape room team building is a new big trend for company parties, incentives or management seminars. These are role-playing games that take place in an escape room, in which the players are "locked" and have to solve the puzzle within a certain time. Only then are they "released" again and allowed to leave the room. 

mobile escape game - analogue und digital team event

With our mobile Escape Room we bring the popular team event to you. You decide whether your employees are in the company, in the conference room of a hotel or, for example, remotely in the home office. You book an all-round carefree package in which our event managers not only bring or optionally send all the necessary materials. If actual rooms are involved, we will transform them so that the story can be experienced by your teams in a unique way.

Mystery boxes as part of their team event!

Jump into the adventure with your team around the world and decipher many exciting puzzles and mechanics! Make important decisions and decode a mysterious box to compete with other teams and unravel a great mystery...! Let an Escape Box as part of your team event, become a highlight.

Currently popular alternative = Escape Game goes digital: As a digital companion, an iPad with the Escape App is available to each team. The app provides additional orientation in the adventure and offers useful functions for discovering and deciphering. Videos, images and 3D elements round off the gripping story.

The Secret of the 13

We have come up with a very special storyline that gives the team activity a unique twist: The Secret of 13. The world is about to be thrown into chaos by a secret group consisting of 13 people through an artificial intelligence code. Will your teams manage to prevent this world-threatening catastrophe in time?

The respective stations, which are set up on site, require the puzzle skills of each individual in the team from the very beginning. Only by solving our mysterious boxes, which are equipped with different puzzling mechanics, will the secret of the 13 be gradually revealed. The question is: Will your team become the savior of the world by cracking the puzzles and having the members show their skill in our team challenges? Of course, our game master is on hand the whole time, as he provides an additional unexpected twist in the story and thus also once again for that special kick.

Enjoy a smooth process at your next team training due to our years of experience and let yourself and your team be captivated by our unique mobile Escape Game: 

  • Location independent - we bring the event to you
  • We customize the game according to your ideas and group size 
  • We combine story, puzzle boxes, iPads and active team tasks in an innovative way
  • Exciting story with variety to suit every team member
  • A variety of mechanical and electronic puzzle boxes during gameplay
  • Use of iPads for our gameplay as well as media features (3D elements / AR)
  • A choice between competitive team play and cooperative game play 
  • An entertaining corporate event that combines fun and team building

Only together succeeds in saving the world

In Escape Room Games, team members work together in a completely different way than in the office, providing opportunities for everyone to become a better team. Only by working together can they solve the mystery of the 13. This is because agreements or exchanges are also necessary between the teams during the game. Only in this way can particularly challenging elements be mastered. Supervisors, on the other hand, get an incomparable impression of how their team members interact with each other during the event. 

Even if solving the puzzle doesn't work, it still helps employees connect with each other differently and increases business productivity. By fostering communication, imagination, and creativity, companies can ensure that their employees successfully collaborate to achieve the best possible business results.

Since the implementation of hybrid events can have very different characteristics and a high degree of complexity, the expenses can only be defined more precisely with the conception. Through individual technical and logistical solutions, the prices are calculated exactly according to your needs in order to implement a successful hybrid event for your employees.

Event details:

ab 1:00 Hour(s)
Period: ganzjährig
Sebastian Heinrich
From 39,-€p.p.
excl. 19% VAT.
 15-1000 Persons
 ab 1:00 Hour(s)
Sebastian Heinrich

Your contact:
Sebastian Heinrich

Our services

  • individual consulting and creation of your event concept
  • Organization of the event and handling on site
  • Team equipment including puzzle boxes, iPads, etc.
  • Event management and game moderation
  • Award ceremony

Optional additional services:

  • Photo snapshots and protected online gallery 
  • Certificates for all participants

Prices may vary depending on the scope of services, venue, dates and number of participants.


  • German
  • Englis

Possible additional costs:

For conception & organization of the event depending on scope of services and number of participants
from 100,00 € plus VAT for logistics
Postage (e.g. for mailings to employees in the home office)


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