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Dinner Rally – the event for gourmets


Dinner Rally – the event for gourmets

Do you still need creative ideas for your Christmas party, your company retreat or summer fest? Coziness or an exciting outdoor event? Culinary pleasure or a collective experience? Something for gourmets or something for “activists”? Why not all of it?

The dinner rally leads you through the courses of a menu and through the city. The stations are first-class restaurants and hip gastronomy locations. In between the individual courses, you and your colleagues have to solve suspenseful tasks, find tricky answers and win a variety of games, thereby playfully experiencing the diversity of the city.

Simply choose one of our tried and tested routes! Of course, we can also compose your individual dinner rally with your favourite restaurants.

Event details:

3:00 Hour(s)
Sebastian Heinrich
From 59,-€p.p.
excl. 19% VAT.
 20-1000 Persons
 3:00 Hour(s)

Unsere Leistungen für Sie im Überblick

  • Extensive selection of meals and drinks
  • Exciting and amusing rally questions and answers
  • Preparation of route, reservations of tables
  • Moderation and event management on site

Additional costs

  • depending on event location and effort


  • year-round
Sebastian Heinrich

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Sebastian Heinrich


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