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Dart Tournament Hamburg


Dart Tournament Hamburg

Darts in Hamburg, fun for the entire company!

Discover the cult sport darts together with your staff in a whole new way. Bringing down the number of 502 or 301 points to exactly zero sounds so easy, but the devil is in the details...and the darts. What is the best way to reach zero? If my colleague throws a 19, I will end the game with the double-14 – quickly, heated discussions about the best strategy will arise. Because darts is more than a pub game, it is a collective team effort that wakes up the strategist in everyone. A dart tournament strengthens team spirit and increases team work among your colleagues.

Hit the bullseye with a good eye and calm hand

Every dart throw counts at the as your skill, concentration and endurance will be put to the test. Who has a calm hand, who has a good eye? Who can concentrate best and strategically cooperate with his or her team members? The teamgeist dart tournament lets you discover the unexpected talents of your colleagues and encourages the usually restrained co-workers to come out of their shell and gain self-esteem in a playful way. Darts can be played anywhere, at your company, on the parking lot or, why not, in the city park or at the Altona Balkon? Simply pick the location of your choice.

Event details:

1:30 Hour(s)
From 49,-€p.p.
excl. 19% VAT.
 20-200 Persons
 1:30 Hour(s)

Overview of our services for you

  • Complete equipment (e.g. dart boards, darts etc.)
  • Preparation and organisation of the team event
  • Instruction and supervision by experienced team guides
  • Moderation of the event
  • Photo documentation and protected online gallery
  • Award ceremony and Teamgeist certificates for all participants

Further information

Additional costs

  • Depending on event location and effort
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