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Business Remote Escape as online kick-off event

Business Escape

Business Remote Escape as online kick-off event

Break out! Together with your employees! To get in the mood for the next challenges and to achieve the new goals with motivation, organize an online kick-off together with your employees!

First break out, then break up...

Let your employees consciously escape from business to measurably increase the success of your event! In our Business Remote Escape concepts, we present your teams with different challenges in the context of an Online Kick Off. These can be implemented virtually from anywhere, for example, as a remote Business Escape. Ideal for employees in the home office. 

The conscious escape from everyday life noticeably increases the motivation and focus of the participants. If you want to convey content in a sustainable way, we create the necessary emotionalization of the content for your participants and thus generate more acceptance for new things. In the end, more of the imparted knowledge is stored by the participants and, at best, further processed. 

In a playful way, relevant information is collected during a digital kick-off in a Business Remote Escape. A wide variety of methods and modules can be used to filter and process important findings. For example, topic-specific questions or suitable individual team tasks that have to be solved together can help. 

One proven tool for this is our teamgeist app, for example. In small teams, for example, special content can be developed playfully and efficiently via iPads. This is wonderfully feasible remotely, i.e. from the home office or any other location. The content can be tailored to your specific needs.

The big common goal of the teams can be to fill the team success terminal with solution codes that have been played. Only together can all participants achieve success in this way! 

With different methods and challenges we give the participants the opportunity to break out of a standard event routine. By activating body and mind, both halves of the brain are connected, thus significantly increasing the receptivity and fun of your participants.

Can also be implemented as teambuilding, training or traincentive!

Goals of the Business Remote Escapes

Possible goals:

  • Measurability of your event success
  • Query of moods & opinions
  • Interactive control of what resonates with your participants
  • Increase of knowledge transfer through interaction & fun
  • Sustainable knowledge anchoring of the conference contents through targeted emotionalization and new neuronal networks in the minds of your participants
  • Increasing the motivation of your participants
  • We-feeling for employees in the home office or in different locations

Your benefit of teamgeist Business Remote Escapes

  • Business Escapes are "conference-accompanying" with a high content relevance
  • Integration of the user-friendly & intuitive teamgeist apps
  • Active involvement of all participants & promotion of interaction
  • Optional: Pursuit of a common goal: completion of the digital teamgeist terminal
  • Customized story to match your content
  • Integration of digital and/or analog challenges - with & without competition
  • Big show-down at the end upon goal achievement
  • A strong sense of "we" promotes the motivation and performance of each individual employee and leads to positive effects on the company's success

Event details:

ab 1 Hour(s)
Sebastian Heinrich
From 29,-€p.p.
excl. 19% VAT.
 15-2500 Persons
 ab 1 Hour(s)
Sebastian Heinrich

Your contact:
Sebastian Heinrich

Our services at a glance 

  • Preparation and organization including the following services:
  • Competent consulting and creation of your kick-off event concept
  • Elaboration of an individual story, suitable to your objectives
  • Instruction and support by experienced moderator, operator (game leader) & project manager as well as other necessary team guides before, during and after the Business Remote Escape
  • Provision of all necessary documents for preparation & execution & follow-up

Optional services:

  • Use of the teamgeist app with implementation of your branding and motto in the app.
  • Provision of the team success terminal incl. your branding
  • Award ceremony 
  • Winners' prizes
  • Certificate for each participant 

Prices may vary due to individual customer requests, optional services, location or similar.


  • German
  • English

Possible modules for Business Remote Escapes

Facilitated dream journey & breathing exercise
Networking right & left brain
Business Escape
Short lecture on the topic of happiness & moments of happiness
Exercise & relaxation in the home office

Possible procedure BEFORE the Business Remote Escape

✓Team allocation at random via a;teamgeist;draw of lots or upon customer request.
✓ Communication of the team composition to the participants & contact forwarding.
✓ Possible small loosening up homework to the participants.
✓ Finding a team name & assigning roles in the team
✓ Communicating the necessary technique, remote rules & the agenda;
✓ Technique briefing;
✓Preparation of tasks by teams

Possible process of the Business Remote Escapes itself

✓Welcome & introduction of the trainer/facilitator & the operator team as well as the flow
✓ Repeated short briefing on the technique
✓Formulation of the common goal & the challenges of the teams
✓ Beginning of the session, moderated "happiness journey" with breathing & mindfulness exercises;
✓ connecting both hemispheres of the brainn videos and auditory guidance
✓ Presentation "Looking out of myHome Office" - Best-Off (homework)
✓ Short talk on;the topic: "What is, what does happiness" incl. Chat query & "Harvesting":; "What made me happy in the last days, what were my happiness moments",. ;
✓ Movement and Relaxation, videos and auditory guidance
✓ Show-Down Team Success Terminal
✓ Summary and Anchoring Positive Mindsett

Possible process AFTER the Business Remote Escape

✓ Provision of the videos & photos.
✓ Provision of the company-specific results - the "harvesting"
✓ Dispatch of winner's gifts or giveaways, if desired.

We determine the duration of the entire process and the event itself together with you. We can respond to your individual wishes in (almost);all points.


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