Anti-Burnout Seminar (Inhouse): “Stress Resilience and Regenerating Competence”

  • Nationwide
  • 10-50 Persons
  • 23 Hour(s)
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Should you not be able to hold the event you have booked due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus in Germany, we will give you the opportunity to make up for this within one year, starting from the originally planned date of the event, at the same conditions. It is also possible to convert the event into another event of equal value. Cancellation costs will of course not be incurred for the one-time postponement. This does not apply to our remote events.

Why do some people keep their inner peace and balance even during heavy exhaustion and a lot of pressure? What enables some people to overcome tragedies and the most difficult situations in life? Resilience research that examines, which physical resilience and coping strategies can be helpful and successful in overcoming crises situations, provides us with answers. During the seminar, we support you with this knowledge, so that you can deal with mental and physical exhaustion as well as stressful situations at the workplace in a calmer, stronger and more resilient way. As second important resource, we convey techniques and know-how that develop your very own regenerative ability systematically: This includes exercises for relaxation, body sensitisation and for increasing awareness when it comes to personal early warning signs. You learn to shape regeneration consciously and effectively, so that you can keep your inner balance and joy for life even in turbulent times.

 10-50 Persons
 23 Hour(s)

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