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Benefit from our great variety of indoor and outdoor events in order to strengthen your team’s collaborative skills in a sustainable way! This will not only make your team stronger but also your company as a whole! No matter if a tabtour through Erlangen’s city centre, an exciting Impulse Chain at your favourite location or a thrilling Geo Challenge in the nature surrounding the city: all of these team events put the focus on working together and communicating in order to reach one common goal. Fun is of course guaranteed from the beginning and will keep increasing during the course of your event. All team members get to know each other in a relaxed environment, away from everyday working life, and everyone will get a motivational boost for the challenges to come!


Team Events in and around Erlangen

129 Results
Quiz Show
  • 15-100 Participants
  • 2 Hour(s)

“Does anybody know this? Nobody? Really?” Everybody is whispering, thinking, discussing the answer and – boom ! – one participant hits the buzzer. “Team Sherlock wants to solve the ques...

From39,- per personp.p.
To the event
Winter Archery
  • 10-200 Participants
  • 2 Hour(s)

You don’t have to give up on sporty outdoor activities, even in the winter! Your colleagues will be fascinated with our winter archery event during icy temperatures. In this thrilling e...

From39,- per personp.p.
To the event
gluehwein team event
Teamgeist Glühwein Adventure Tour
  • 15-100 Participants
  • 2 Hour(s)

Enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with a Glühwein outside in the fresh and cold winter air. Experience a truly unique team day packed with adventure, fun and healthy exercise. This active ...

From59,- per personp.p.
To the event
Iglu Bau mit teamgeist
Igloo Building
  • 20-200 Participants
  • 3 Hour(s)

Hand in hand – that is the only way to success for you and your colleagues at your company. What is already a daily routine at your workplace, becomes something very special during the ...

From52,- per personp.p.
To the event
skulpture aus eis
Ice Sculpting
  • 40-200 Participants
  • 1 Hour(s)

Huge ice blocks and sculptor tools are waiting for you. Capture magical moments in ice and together with your team design your very own ice sculpture. Under direct supervision and instr...

From69,- per personp.p.
To the event
Winter Cutter Sailing
  • 6-0 Participants
  • 2 Hour(s)

Experience a truly unique adventure: Enjoy a sailing cruise on the Wolziger See during the romantic wintery season of the year. Dressed in weatherproof sailing gear and wrapped in warm ...

From49,- per personp.p.
To the event
New Year’s Event
  • 20-1000 Participants
  • 1 Hour(s)

Everyone knows the following scenario: Christmas is around the corner, the calendar is already packed with appointments and meetings, and vacations have to be planned. Not a good time t...

From29,- per personp.p.
To the event
Christmas Hotel and Office Golf
  • 15-100 Participants
  • 2:00 Hour(s)

Team spirit, skill and a good feel for the ball are required. During our Christmas golf tournament, we integrate our mobile golf course into the various areas of the hotel. The result i...

From39,- per personp.p.
To the event
Glühwein Sailing
  • 10-60 Participants
  • 2:00 Hour(s)

Before you can get comfortable in the evening, the participants will experience a truly unique adventure: Your staff goes sailing in the middle of winter. Wrapped in warm sailing clothe...

From54,- per personp.p.
To the event
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