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A teamgeist team day challenges, encourages and rewards your staff. Whether as staff motivation, incentive or as preventative conflict measure – there are many possible reasons for a team day. Teamgeist takes care of all phases of your event: consultation, organisation, execution and follow-up work. Experienced team guides oversee the teams on site and guide them through the various activities. You can choose from a wide range of exciting offers in a region or city of your choice: How about a raft trip with the entire staff, after you have built the rafts yourself? Or let your colleagues create a team painting together, a unique work of art. Or the teamgeist tabtrophy – the probably last real adventure, a high-speed experience with RIB boats and tablet computers. Or colleagues can experience an exciting soapbox race. A team day can also take place indoors, for example with a hotel and conference golf tournament. Experiencing a team day together turns co-workers into allies and friends and strengthens the sense of unity. Besides these eventful and entertaining hours, Teamgeist also offers a large variety of activities for your individual supporting programme so that the team day is an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Disc Golf
tabtour large groups
Disc Golfteamevent golf mit discDisc Golf
tabtour large groupstabtour-Großgruppetabtour large groups

Organising team days in Germany and worldwide in more than 250 cities

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Quiz Show
  • 15-100 Participants
  • 2 Hour(s)

“Does anybody know this? Nobody? Really?” Everybody is whispering, thinking, discussing the answer and – boom ! – one participant hits the buzzer. “Team Sherlock wants to solve the ques...

From39,- per personp.p.
To the event
Winter and Xmas tabtour
  • 10-1000 Participants
  • 2 Hour(s)

The winter and Xmas tabtour is the ideal teamevent for your next Christmas party. Experience this truly unique scavenger huntin Christmas atmosphere, for example at one of...

From49,- per personp.p.
To the event
Xmas Megapuzzle
  • 15-1000 Participants
  • 1 Hour(s)

Your unique creativity is in demand! And no, we are not talking about wrapping presents. Enjoy our special, Christmas atmosphere and create your very own, extraordinary Megapuzzle toget...

From39,- per personp.p.
To the event
Christmas Golf Tournament
  • 10-100 Participants
  • 2:00 Hour(s)

Team spirit, skill and a good feel for the ball are required. During our Christmas golf tournament, we integrate our mobile golf course into the various areas of the hotel. The result i...

From39,- per personp.p.
To the event
Winter Archery
  • 10-200 Participants
  • 2 Hour(s)

You don’t have to give up on sporty outdoor activities, even in the winter! Your colleagues will be fascinated with our winter archery event during icy temperatures. In this thrilling e...

From39,- per personp.p.
To the event
New Year’s Event
  • 20-1000 Participants
  • 1 Hour(s)

Everyone knows the following scenario: Christmas is around the corner, the calendar is already packed with appointments and meetings, and vacations have to be planned. Not a good time t...

From29,- per personp.p.
To the event
Christmas Diploma Expedition
  • 20-500 Participants
  • 4:00 Hour(s)

The city has various historic sights and cultural highlights to offer. That’s why it is ideally suited for a Christmas diploma expedition. Discover a city of your choice during the holi...

From59,- per personp.p.
To the event
  • 20-100 Participants
  • 2:00 Hour(s)

And suddenly everything is quiet and everone is concentrated. Close your eyes again, take a deep breath, open your eyes and...shoot! The arrow flies towards the target with incredible s...

From29,- per personp.p.
To the event
winter Boßeln
Irish Road Bowling
  • 20-100 Participants
  • 2 Hour(s)

One ball, one team, one geal – during this Frisian skill game, teams compete against each other as they try throw further than the opponent. A typical Northern-German tradition spices t...

From29,- per personp.p.
To the event
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One for all, all for one: Your unforgettable team day with teamgeist

Different departments within a company are always somewhat of a challenge: Often colourfully mixed, the structure of a team can grow, shrink or change within the shortest period of time, causing unexpected turnouts. Especially interpersonal dynamics can be given a new direction that may seem precarious through new colleagues, stressful deadlines, challenging projects or other influencing factors. The mood swings, the work atmosphere changes and productivity crashes. But even healthy and stable teams can lose the spark due to day-to-day routines – and everybody needs and deserves a break from time to time, a moment to relax, to take a breather and to refuel. As market leader with 20 years of experience in the team building sector, teamgeist knows about these dynamics and has made it its mission to present companies with useful and sophisticated corporate events that have long-lasting positive effects on the team and daily operations and the workplace.

Motivation, inspiration, team spirit – book your individual team day with variety, fun and action for the entire team

If you are currently pondering opportunities for an innovative corporate retreat, do not look any further. Because suggesting events and consulting you about your personal team day is our specialty. Luckily, you can choose from our very broad selection of events and recreational activities. Tricky and entertaining indoor activities that require brainpower and sensitivity, dynamic and physically active events in the fresh air, or challenging and relaxing events in the outdoors, far away from cities and office stress – our repertoire has no limits.

Organising a team day is not as difficult as you think – because no matter the weather or how large your team, teamgeist has the perfect and appropriate event for you. Bringing colleagues of a team together “to one table”, improving internal communication, boosting team spirit...these and more objectives can be achieved through an eventful and action-packed team day. Away from the workplace and in a relaxed atmosphere, it is often easier to get to know new colleagues, forge new bonds and strengthen trust towards each other. And once mood and atmosphere are purely positive again, the motivation for upcoming challenges and projects will return as well.

Decide, whether your team would have fun with a team bicycle tour in the outdoors, or with an adventurous sailing trip on spacious inland waters. There are a lot of possibilities in the city as well: Exciting cities in Germany can be discovered and experienced in a whole new way during a GPS city rally or during a cross golf event through the city park. Another great team building measure is our soapbox race, where participants first build their own soapboxes and then compete against each other – great fun awaits you! If you do not really want to spend time outdoors, but you want to work actively and consciously as a team, there are many diverse indoor events such as the teamgeist team art, the team web or the team quiz show.

A team day with teamgeist leaves nothing to be desired – we take care of everything!

A responsible and proactive management knows, how important a healthy sense of solidarity and team spirit is within a team – an active change of scenery, an inspiring team day is a great way to sustainably strengthen stability and productivity within the company. Have you already chosen a specific event or do you need further assistance? Either way, do not hesitate to contact us via phone or through our web form and we will gladly assist you in selecting and booking your individual team day. Additionally, we will gladly take care of all other aspects of your corporate retreat – bus transport, accommodation, catering and other organisational services…we will handle planning, organising and executing the event with expertise, experience and patience. After all, we want you to get the most out of your extraordinary and truly wonderful team day. We are looking forward to treating you to an unforgettable experience!

We are here for you: Consultation, Planing, Execution - everything under one roof.

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